Professional P3.9 Rental LED Display in Peru

MA1000 rental led display

Do you want to make it easy for your business to attract the attention of the audience at the exhibition? Want your business to shine at the show? Professional p3.9 rental LED display will be your good assistant. Use the LED screen to play dynamic pictures or corporate promotional videos in the exhibition hall. You […]

P5 LED Video Wall Display Rental In Portugal

P5 led video wall display renal 1

With the innovation and development of LED display technology, LED video wall display rental is frequently used in many fields. High refresh, clear picture quality, good color reproduction, stable performance. These features make more customers favor it. Our display products are highly compatible and adapt to many different application scenarios. For example, MA960 in our commercial […]

Rental Indoor LED Display-NG500 Series

NG500 rental led screen

Rental indoor LED display refers to the rental LED screen used indoors. LED screen rental is a product mainly used for rental. According to different classification standards, LED displays are classified in various ways. The rental led screen is a display device specially designed for indoor and outdoor activities such as stage performances and event productions. […]

P3.91 Indoor Rental LED Display to USA-MA1000 Series

MA1000 series led display

P3.91 Full Color Indoor Rental Display to America UNIT magnesium alloy 1000mm series indoor rental LED display has the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-thin, convenient installation and high-definition picture. There are many models of rental LED screens in this series: P2.640mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P1.81mm. Today’s case is the p3.91 indoor rental display in the MA1000 […]

How to Choose the Right Stage Rental LED Screen?

stage backgroud led display

Stage rental LED screen is also called stage background LED display. As a LED display screen mainly used in various stages and large-scale performances, you can see it in ceremonial evenings, concerts, and large-scale events. So what is a stage rental LED screen? And how to choose a suitable stage rental LED display? The answer […]

SMD LED Display-Some Benefits You Must Know

aging test for MAGIC500

UNIT MAGIC500 Front Service Rental LED Display adopts three-in-one SMD packaging technology. As a classic rental display, its good performance and excellent image effects have brought many customers a good experience. Next, let us learn more about this product together! What is SMD? SMD is the abbreviation of Surface Mounted Devices, which is one of […]