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Double-sided taxi LED displays can be placed on the roof of any taxi, making mobile advertising more convenient!

Taxi LED Display | Car Top LED Display

UNIT offers a range of eye-catching and vibrant taxi roof LED displays for mobile advertising. These commercial-grade taxi LED displays are waterproof and multi-touch.

Taxi LED dome light media can carry out large-scale publicity in the whole city, which can let your brand information spread to every street and alley at the fastest speed in a short period of time, and completely achieve coverage without dead ends so that your brand information can be reflected in everyone in the eyes.

Features of UNIT Taxi LED Screen

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UNIT taxi LED screen (2)

Slim & Lightweight

Made of drawn aluminum and sheet metal processing, the outer surface of the shell is oxidized, has no rust, beautiful and light. The protective cover can be quickly disassembled for easy maintenance.

UNIT taxi LED screen (1)

Customized Service

The cabinets of the same size are compatible with various pixel pitch requirements. The cabinet size can also be customized according to your individual needs.

Over-voltage Protection

The entire screen strictly controls the power consumption and weight according to the requirements of the vehicle system. It adopts a patented time-delay control power system to protect the safety of vehicle equipment perfectly.


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How Does Taxi LED Display Helped Outdoor Advertising?

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(1). Dynamic display. It can play advertisements in text, pictures, GIFs, and other formats to make advertisements more attractive. So it brings a strong impact and fully realizes the value of vehicle advertisements.

(2). Mobile broadcasting. The taxi line is not fixed, and the entry and exit locations include major business districts, commercial and financial districts, densely populated residential areas, stations, and other areas.

Travel, home, business trip, and shopping all have the opportunity to be affected by high-frequency advertisements.


(3) Low advertising cost. Taxi LED advertisements are precisely aimed at the target market of the enterprise. They have high mobility, a wide range, and flexible and accurate brand information dissemination.

Taxi LED advertisements correspond to the most active and largest consumer groups in the city. Compared with traditional mass media, its audience is more targeted, the cost per thousand is the lowest, and the cost performance is more prominent.

(4). Effective time of publicity. 12 hours of continuous repetition throughout the day, nearly 400 hours of effective publicity time per vehicle per month.

taxi roof LED screen (2)

(5) Crowd-chasing nature of advertisements. Taxis have the characteristics of “chasing crowds” that other media do not have, that is, most of them are located in downtown areas and gather a large number of people.

The people or vehicles around the taxi will become the group with the highest contact frequency of advertising information.

(6). Outstanding advertising effect. The height and position of taxi LED advertisements are just coordinated with the sight of pedestrians.

It can disseminate advertising information to the audience at close range and achieve the greatest visual opportunity.

At the same time, for motorists, these advertisements are also particularly eye-catching.


UNIT Taxi LED Display Customer Cases!

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2023 Full Guide for Taxi LED Display | Taxi Top Advertising!

Do you want your advertising information to be received by more people? Do you want to get the maximum advertising revenue with lower advertising investment costs? Taxi LED display may meet your expectations!

The ubiquitous taxis in the city are an excellent advertising platform. Taxis have strong mobility, long-time working, and wide coverage. Taxi top LED display takes taxis as the carrier and has the advantages of high exposure, low budget, and strong visual impact.

What is a taxi LED Display? Features and advantages? Taxi top LED display price? How to install it? This post will take you to learn more about LED car advertising signs!

1. What is a Taxi top LED display?

Taxi top LED display is generally installed on the top of a car or taxi. It is a device used to display advertisements or release information.

As an LED display designed for taxis, the car roof LED display has a relatively light volume, good display effect, and high protection level.

taxi roof LED display

UNIT car top advertising display has a standardized cabinet, data interface, power supply design, and information release function.

It can meet your different software control requirements for information release, editing, and display.

High brightness, wide viewing angle, and high IP66 protection level make it suitable for outdoor environments.

Whether it is sunny or raining, as long as the taxi is driving on the road, your potential customers will see the advertisement.

2. Product Features of Taxi LED Display

(1) Double-sided LED Display

The double-sided LED display supports playing text, pictures, animations, videos, and other content. Both pictures and texts are rich in content.

A variety of advertising playback effects are available. Such as scrolling, special effects moving left, moving up, moving down, blinds, snowflakes, etc.

Brightness ≥ 6000cd/m², high refresh rate, good definition. It plays the advertisement smoothly and beautifully, which can quickly attract pedestrians.

GPS Location and WiFi Antenna

(2) Easy to Manage

Support 4G/WiFi wireless transmission. High timeliness & good stability.

Realize network cluster control and management, and operate and manage network terminals at any time and any place.

Support remote switch, timer switch, brightness adjustment, information cycle setting, and information partition function.

(3) High-protection Performance

Waterproof: IP66 high waterproof level allows the screen to work even on rainy days. The high waterproof level helps prevent the screen from getting wet.

Anti-rust and anti-ultraviolet ability: The aluminum shell is oxidized by default. And it can be sprayed with anti-ultraviolet and anti-powdering outdoor paint to prevent rust and aging.

The transparent frosted PC protective plate on the shell has high light transmittance. It has anti-ultraviolet properties, which can effectively prevent the yellowing and aging of the screen.

Power supply protection design: The high-performance power control power supply provides overvoltage, overload, short circuit protection, and delay switch functions, which perfectly protects the safety of vehicle equipment.

Shockproof: Good shockproof performance is beneficial to reduce the impact of the vehicle on the screen during driving.

(4) Customized Service

The same cabinet size is compatible with various pixel pitch requirements. The actual size can also be customized according to customer needs.

Offer a standard mounting bracket. It can be quickly installed on the top of the taxi, saving time and effort.

Fast maintenance structure design.

Taxi LED Display Size

Taxi LED Display Parameter

Screen Model




Pixel Pitch




Visual Size



1106mm x 408mmx141mm



Resolution (dots)

384 x 128



Max. Power









3. Advertising Advantages of Taxi LED Display

Taxi advertising display makes full use of the convenience of taxis, and its advertisement release has the characteristics of timely, wide coverage and audience.

As one of the most important means of transportation for urban citizens, taxis operate in all cities. It also means that the taxi top LED display has a  wide audience.

As an extension of advertising media, LED taxi top advertising is an excellent platform for corporate brand promotion or government information release.

Why is car top LED advertising so popular? The reasons are as follows:

taxi LED top display

(1) Dynamic Display

Taxis shuttle in the city every day. The average daily operating mileage of each taxi can reach 220 kilometers.

The more mobile LED car advertising signs have stronger dissemination and wider coverage. Advertising information can play at any time along with the taxi on the road.

If you are considering displaying your advertisements, event notifications, and other information on your truck or trailer, then you can take a look at the movable truck LED display.

Learn more about it, Please turn to Truck LED Display: A New Trend in Outdoor Advertising

(2) Long Operating Hours

Taxis operate day and night, with each taxi operating an average of 19.5 hours per day. The operation mode of people resting and driving makes the taxi top advertising get a longer display time.

(3) Wide Audience

Taxi shuttles in bustling urban areas, densely populated areas, transportation hubs, and other crowded places in the city.

It can let more people understand the information conveyed by the car roof LED display. It expands the depth of advertising communication.

(4) Brand Effect

A large number of taxi roof LED displays will release advertisements simultaneously, which will improve your advertising efforts.

Large-scale advertising is conducive to brand effects so that pedestrians are impressed by the advertising information.

(5) Great Visual Appeal

High brightness, strong adaptability. And it can all-weather playback. The taxi LED screen adopts ultra-high-brightness LEDs, which are still clearly visible from a long distance under sunlight.

4. Advertising Strategies of Taxi LED Screen

(1) Brand Building

Colorful brand advertisements, with vivid pictures and unique creativity, pass through the streets and alleys, attracting the attention of citizens, and the brand elements become a unique flowing landscape of the city.

(2) New Product Launch

Taxi LED advertisements are released frequently. Advertisements appear repeatedly in people’s field of vision, repeatedly reminding, and forced to remember, which strengthens the audience’s memory and cognition of the product.

(3) Promotion Information

Multiple taxis play product promotion information synchronously, regardless of route, time, region, or weather.

Spread to every corner of the city around the clock, and the influence of advertising is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

(4) Market Sinking

LED car advertising signs cover metropolitan cities and third- and fourth-tier cities, which can play an important role in opening up lower-level markets for advertisers.

5. What Can Taxi Roof LED Display Do?

(1) Display Advertisement

Car top LED display can loop advertising information. High-efficiency and low-cost advertising forms are more cost-effective than other advertising media.

Mobile taxis become a mobile advertising publishing platform, delivering your advertising information to more audiences.

car top LED displays

(2) Improve Cities’ Image

The taxi shows the city culture, characteristic customs, and local customs to tourists through LED screens.

In addition, the roof LED display decorates the streets like gorgeous ribbons on the road at night.

(3) Conveying Public Welfare Information

Government departments transmit news, public welfare, policy, and other information to the public through LED displays. Not only can it guarantee practicality and timeliness, but it is also beneficial to public management.

(4) Early Warning for Help

When encountering danger, the driver can activate the alarm switch. At this time, the screen will interrupt the release of other information, and remind the surrounding pedestrians or drivers to call the police through the preset distress line number.

6. How About Taxi Top LED Display Price?

Overall, the taxi top LED display price is affected by many factors. Taxi top LED display price does not have a precise figure. But compared with regular LED screens, its price is friendly.

Starting from the cost of the display screen, the factors that affect the Taxi top LED display price include pixel pitch, refresh rate, cabinet material, customization requirements, etc.

Common pixel specifications are p2.5mm, p3mm, and p3.33mm. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more expensive it is.

The material of the cabinet will also affect the price. The die-cast aluminum cabinet is beautiful and light. The cost of the iron cabinet is lower, and the size can be customized.

If you get a more accurate taxi top LED display price, just contact us. A professional team will provide you with a complete quotation.

7. 14 Steps to Install Taxi Roof LED Display

8. Conclusion

Want to bring your display to life? As an important helper for advertising or urban construction, taxi advertising display has high brightness and strong fluidity.

UNIT LED looks forward to providing you with high-quality taxi LED displays. Contact us for a detailed quotation now!

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