Times Square 3D Billboard: Immersive 3D Ad Examples!

The Times Square 3D billboard attracted many tourists to take pictures and check in and share them on social networks. The dense LED screens on the exterior walls of high-rise buildings have become a major feature of Times Square.

The New York Times Square 3D billboard is the most iconic outdoor advertising spot around the world. This blog takes you to uncover the mystery of the Times Square 3D screen!

1. Advertising value of 3D billboards in Times Square

Is there a 3D billboard in Times Square?

Times Square is well known for its vibrant and technologically advanced digital billboards and displays.

Many of these incorporate elements of 3D animation and special effects to create visually stunning advertisements.

These billboards often utilize advanced LED technology and high-resolution displays to create the illusion of depth and dimension.

They create a visually compelling experience for viewers.

These LED billboards do not strictly conform to the definition of traditional 3D displays with physical depth.

3D billboards in Times Square are actually the result of ordinary LED billboards + 3D animation.

But it is undeniable that the digital displays in Times Square continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of visual effects and immersive advertising experiences.

So while the billboards in Times Square are not strictly 3D, they are often at the forefront of digital advertising innovation.

The combination of landmark LED billboards, flashing lights, and dense crowds make Times Advertising a holy place for outdoor advertising.

Brands from all over the world can rent large screens to present their ideas and messages.

As the center of the world of outdoor advertising and digital billboards, Times Square in New York has captured the attention of many advertisers with its huge screens, superior location, and dense crowds.

time square led billboard

(1) Large Outdoor LED Screens

Many LED display screens and a wide variety of neon advertisements are in people’s sight outdoors. Colorful high-definition images display brand information.

There are more than 300 giant billboards in Times Square. Multiple screens provide a variety of display platforms for advertising.

(2) Special Geographical Location

Times Square is a triangular anomaly cut by Broadway Street and Seventh Avenue. It is the center of New York and the hub of major subway stations and bus stations.

Today, it is a tourist hub and home to the headquarters of many large companies. The tiny Times Square is home to 11% of New York City’s economic activity.

(3) Dense Flow of People

How can you maximize the reach of your ad? The address where your ad is served is important. Of course,  you will consider the areas with high traffic flow first.

According to official data, an average of 300,000 pedestrians influx here every day (the peak season will increase to 460,000 people/day). At the same time, 115,000 people drove by in cars or took buses.

LED screens in Time Square have about 1.5 million exposures per day.

(4) Viral Spread of the Internet

In addition to offline advertising effects, 3D billboard time square may also get unexpected gains online.

60% of the respondents said that they stayed on the LED advertising screen in Times Square for more than 5 minutes.

Nearly half of pedestrians take photos or videos. These shocking 3D billboards in Times Square even received more than one million retweets and comments on social media.

2. How Does the 3D Billboard in Times Square Work?

Naked-eye 3D billboards allow viewers to obtain the most realistic 3D images without using 3D eyes.

Using visual principles, the audience watches from a specific position to obtain a unique naked-eye 3D visual effect.

The images full of three-dimensionality and a sense of space bring an immersive 3D experience that 2D screens do not have. It is also an important reason why 3D Billboard has set off a wave all over the world.

How does the 3D billboard in Times Square work? It involves the following three aspects.

(1) 3D Video Production

First, based on the content that the brand wants to present, create a video source with 3D effects through special production software or tools.

3D animation production includes steps such as understanding the scene environment, 3D modeling, making 3D animation, rendering film sources, and synthesizing the final effect.

At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as the resolution of the large screen, the corner angle, the distance, and the location to ensure the best naked-eye 3D effect.

(2) Visual Processing

When people watch the time square 3D screen, the pictures seen by the left and right eyes are inconsistent. The brain integrates inconsistent images to form a naked-eye 3D image.

This processing involves visual principles such as visual barriers, stereopsis, and depth perception.

3d led displays

(3) Synthetic Effect

When the audience looks at the 3D billboards in times square, the brain will synthesize the images seen by the eyes in the visual system.

In this way, the audience will feel that the content on the 3D LED screen has a sense of space and three-dimensionality, just like a real scene.

3. Famous LED Billboards in Time Square

(1) Display Screen in Building 1, Times Square

The total area of 4 huge LED screens in Times Square Building 1 in New York exceeds 13,000 square feet.

The advertising tower has become the most photogenic landmark in the world.

Many celebrations are held here, such as the annual New Year’s Eve Carnival, and New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.

Every screen has a great field of view. After adjustment, the advertising space of these 4 screens can be split and utilized.

The area is 1,200 square meters, the flow of people and vehicles is 500,000/day, and the vision reaches 50 million/week.

(2) Marriott Hotel Large 3D Billboard

The huge L-shaped display on the exterior wall of the Marriott Hotel is located in the core area of Times Square.

The unparalleled realistic image effect and L-shaped shape make it the best display platform for many 3D advertisements.

The display area is 1600 square meters. It realizes the seamless splicing of the whole screen by using special curved corner screens.

The entire screen has up to 25 million pixels. Marriott Hotel 3D LED billboard provides landmark image displays for global brands with high reliability and excellent display effect.

(3) Nasdaq LED Display Screen

Nasdaq LED Display Screen is 25 meters high and 37 meters wide. The 925-square-meter large outdoor LED display is one of the most powerful displays in Times Square.

NASDAQ is the world’s largest securities exchange market. This screen is also known as the world’s first screen.

This display over the seventh floor attracts the attention of passing vehicles and pedestrians throughout Times Square.

(4) Reuter's Advertising LED Screen

The Reuters advertising screen is located opposite the Nasdaq LED Display Screen.

The advertising building composed of 11 high-definition LED screens of unique size has attracted a lot of attention.

Reuter’s advertising LED screens provide customers with a variety of publicity methods.

Design different ad content according to screen size. Playing on multiple screens at the same time brings a stronger visual impact.

Reuter's Advertising LED Screen

These billboards usually display real-time data from financial markets, stock prices and the latest financial news.

They display content such as stock market indices, stock price changes, and news and financial information of related companies.

(5) American Eagled Digital Billboard

“American Eagle” consists of 12 LED screens, covering an area of 1393.54 square meters.

As one of the most famous advertising screens in New York Times Square, this iconic building leases advertising space to many brands around the world.

(6) ABC Super Sign

ABC Super Sign features its signature wavy LED ribbon. The dramatic, massive curved screen is best known for its daily exposure on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Innovative interactive features make it stand out from the rest of the screen.

Viewers can interact with on-screen content via text, SMS, Twitter, Flickr, and custom apps.

(7) Digital Godzilla Large Screen

The approximately 15,000-square-foot Digital Godzilla Large Screen stretches across the entire Plaza Walk, overlooking New York City’s iconic Times Square.

Huge corner screens stretch the view from 45th to 46th Streets. 

The unique corner location made this huge outdoor Times Square 3D billboard acclaimed on the Internet with its ultra-realistic images.

(8) Coca-Cola Digital Billboard

Coca-Cola’s digital billboards often display eye-catching advertising campaigns and brand images.

These 3D ad billboards are often presented in a colorful, lively and vivid way, attracting the attention of many tourists and viewers.

(9) Samsung Digital Billboard

Samsung has a huge digital billboard in Times Square, which often displays the latest product promotions, brand activities and demonstrations of innovative technologies.

LED billboards are known for their high definition and vivid color effects.

(10) Disney Store Digital Billboard

Disney has a retail store in Times Square.

Its large LED display on the facade often displays animated clips of classic Disney characters, movie trailers and promotional content for theme events.

outdoor commercial led screen

4.7 Most Immersive 3D Billboard Advertising Examples

(1) Coca-cola 3D billboard time square-First 3D Robotic Billboard

Time Square Coca-Cola 3D billboard launched in 2017. It is called “the largest 3D mechanical billboard” and “the first 3D mechanical billboard”.

1,760 movable LED cubes make up the six-story digital installation. Each high-resolution LED cube is programmed to extend and contract the unit independently.

The Coca-Cola 3D robotic billboard promotes Coca-Cola to people with shocking images and creates a multi-sensory experience for people.

(2) New York 3D Billboard Resident Evil

In addition to corporate image promotion and product promotion, 3D advertising has cooperated with major popular IPs to launch videos, which have also been widely disseminated on the Internet.

Ahead of the release of the latest season of Resident Evil, Netflix rolled out a fresh piece of material on the streets of Times Square.

It shows a mutant breaking a glass barrier to break free from captivity. It climbed onto the glass at the corner and stretched out its long tongue to passers-by, and finally fled in a panic.

(3) Times Square 3D Billboard Tiger

In 2022, with the theme of Tiger in the City, Samsung Group will create a vivid giant 3D tiger in five cities around the world. Time Square 3D billboard tiger is one of them.

The giant tiger reached out to touch the Galaxy logo with its paws, growling and trying to jump off the screen.

With the text “Ready to break the rules?” appears, it leaps through the barrier as if to jump in front of the audience.

As described in Samsung’s report: the subversive 3D tiger breaks through digital barriers. Samsung’s next smartphone series will break the mold and bring users a new experience.

(4) BMW XM 3D Billboard in Time Square

How to promote a cool new car so that more customers will notice the new product?

BMW’s approach is to combine products with 3D visual effects to create marketing events belonging to the brand so that the target audience can be actively attracted.

In a giant curved LED screen above the Edition Hotel, BMW XM shows footage of it sliding down a hill and almost driving off the billboard.

The stunning graphics earned the ad more than 1.3 million views on the YouTube channel.

(5) Times Square 3D Billboard | House of the Dragon (HBO)

HBO brought one of the most ferocious dragons in the show, Caraxes, to the streets of New York with the help of a large screen in Times Square.

A cavernous dragon spews flames from the screen. It seems as if it will fly out of the screen in the next second. The ad gives people an up-close look at the fire-breathing dragon.

The shocking naked-eye 3D visual experience attracts people to stop and watch.

Since its launch, the HBO Times Square 3D Billboard has garnered over a million views on YouTube and TikTok.

(6) Amazing Diablo IV AD in Times Square Billboard

The game character Lilith in Diablo IV appears on a giant screen in the streets of New York.

3D billboards use advanced creative design techniques to allow advertisers to provide an immersive experience to passers-by.

The Amazing Diablo IV AD launched by Blizzard Entertainment presents the dark atmosphere world of Diablo 4 to gamers.

The 3D LED screen in Times Square has achieved good marketing effects with its amazing visual experience.

(7)Balenciaga x Fortnite Immersive 3D Screen in Times Square

Doggo from “Fortnite” wears a Balenciaga hoodie, pants, and sunglasses, entrenched on the big screen in the streets of New York.

Spanish luxury fashion brand Balenciaga and online video game Fortnite have teamed up to create an immersive 3D outdoor campaign.

Billboard scenes created with Unreal Engine appear more realistic. According to the time of day and the change of light, pedestrians can see Doggo in various states.

5. Time Square 3D Screen FAQs

(1) Are There 3D billboards in Times Square?

Yes! Various LED billboards can be seen everywhere on the streets of Times Square.

On some street corners and landmark building exterior walls, 3D billboards provide advertisers with abundant advertising space.

(2) Where is the 3D Screen in NYC?

To obtain the best naked-eye 3D effect, 3D screens are generally located at street corners with heavy traffic.

When people stand at the intersection of 90-degree angles of curved screens, the best display effect can be obtained.

If you want to get the geographic location of a specific screen, you can check the second part above.

(3) How Does the 3D Billboard in Times Square Work?

The working principle of a 3D LED screen can be simply summarized as “2D screen + 3D video source + visual barrier principle”.

3D video sources tailored to the display with content and ideas that create parallax.

When the viewer watches from any external device, the left and right eyes have a visual difference, thus forming a naked-eye 3D display effect.

If you want to fully understand the knowledge about 3D LED display, please read the following posts:

(4) How Much Does a 3D Billboard Cost?

The cost of a 3D billboard averages between $1,200 and $15,000 per month. Compared with traditional display screens, it costs more and brings better advertising benefits.

Screen cost, control system, 3D video (duration, complexity, production cycle), and other factors will affect the investment cost of a 3D LED screen.

6. UNIT 3D Billboard Solutions & Cases

(1) 3D LED Billboard Solutions

unit provides a variety of 3D LED billboard solutions to meet your creative needs.

Various models of outdoor LED panels with high brightness, high refresh rate, and high waterproof performance.

In addition, we provide free LED screen design services to help you realize 3D effect visualization!

3D led screen solution

Iron Fixed LED Display

of800 curved led display
of800 curved led display (1)

OF800 Outdoor 3D LED Display

EV960 led display
ev960 3d billboards

EV960 Outdoor 3D LED Display


All the information about 3D LED screen solutions you can find here!

(2) UNIT 3D LED Screen Real Customer Cases

outdoor LED display (2)
outdoor LED display (1)

OF800 3D LED Billboard in South Korea

7. Conclusion

Outdoor Time Square 3D billboards provide a broad advertising platform for corporate and brand promotion. Numerous successful 3D advertising cases prove the marketing potential of 3D LED screens.

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We look forward to working with you to provide you with the most advanced 3D LED display solutions to give your project new vitality and charm.

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