Transparent Curtain LED Display—Light UP Your Building!

The transparent curtain LED display is, as the name suggests, a glass-like LED display with light-transmitting properties. It consists of strip lights, but its display principle is innovatively optimised based on the light strip screen so that the screen as a whole is used as a curtain.

Unit LED’s transparent curtain LED displays can achieve 85% transparency, Indoor Installation Outdoor Viewing.

Transparent curtain LED displays are applied to many large buildings. This also gives businesses the option of being able to place their brand more prominently.

This high degree of permeability is related to his special production material, structure, installation method and mounting process, together with the openwork design, which enhances the effect of perspective, and then intelligent control through the control system.

What are the Features of the Transparent Curtain LED Display?

  1. High permeability. Transparency ranges from 50% to 90%. Traditional LED display is not light-transmitting, easy to block the view. Otherwise, transparent curtain LED display is light-transmitting, does not block the light transmission of the building, also does not affect the view of people.
  2. The overall thickness of the screen is around 10mm. The screen is lightweight, has low requirements for load-bearing steel structures and can be installed independently.
  3. More aesthetically pleasing appearance than traditional LED displays. And there is also flexible transparent curtain LED displays that can be installed in unique shapes for your need, with low damage to the wall itself.
  4. Splicing transition natural. The transparent LED display can be customized and spliced into a perfect LED special-shaped screen, and the surface transition is natural and beautiful and can be set into various shapes such as cylinder, round table, triangle, and arc.
  5. Energy-saving and environmental protection. The transparent LED screen display is made of environmentally friendly materials, which saves more than 30% energy than ordinary LED screens.
  6. Easy maintenance. Because the screen is light and thin, it is more convenient to disassemble. If there is a problem with a certain part, you only need to replace the light bar, which saves time and effort. 

Transparent Curtain LED Display needs to be customized, including size, specification and screen curvature.

What Are the Common Types of Transparent Curtain LED Display?

Curve transparent LED display

The curved transparent LED display is processed by a special process and formed by external force extrusion.
Structure: Radian design, better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building, can be made into fan-shaped, circular, cylindrical and so on.

Curved transparent LED Display

(1)Different from the flat design of the LED display, the curved surface design is more personalized and can meet diverse needs. If the overall building is a cylinder, the curved transparent LED display can better fit the overall structure of the building.
(2)Because of its special arc, the viewing angle has a different experience with the change of the arc and can provide a wide panoramic effect.
(3)The viewing distance is longer, and the size of the display screen is required to be larger.

Double-sided transparent LED display

The double-sided transparent LED display is a superposition of two displays, and content can be displayed on both the front and rear sides.

Structure: To meet the special needs of customers, the structure of the double-sided transparent LED display box belongs to the front maintenance type, and the double-sided box is also a special front service structure box, which needs to be customized.
Requirements: The volume of the single-sided screen should not be too large. If it is a large building, it is recommended to install it with a crane.

Double-sided transparent LED display

(1)The pictures on the display screen can be seen both inside and outside the building. As an LED glass curtain wall screen, it is used in large shopping malls, which is convenient for people who come and go to watch.
(2) The front maintenance structure is convenient for maintenance and repair.
(3)The double-sided transparent LED display also shares a control IC, adopts partition control, and displays the same content.

How is a transparent curtain LED display produced?

1. Put the PCB board into the machine.
2. Brush the board with a layer of solder paste.
3. Lamps are mounted using the mounting technique(use the SMT machine to stick the lamp). The SMD machine used is a Samsung Decan, 75,000 dots/h.
4. When the reflow soldering is finished, the staff will check whether the lamp is working properly.
5. Assemble transparent curtain LED screens.
6. Aging test

LED Display Products Aging Test!

Why Need To Do the Aging Test?

The ageing test is a standard for testing the reliability of electronic products, and it is also an indispensable step in the production of transparent screen LED displays.
Ageing the produced transparent screen LED display can help improve the performance of the display itself and maintain the stability of later use.
If there is a problem during this ageing process, it can be solved in time and the screen itself can be repaired.
This process is also to test the stability of the product, to ensure the quality of the product and the reputation of the business.
Something needs to be attention to:
1. The test contents include: white screen, grayscale gradient, RGB monochrome, video and text effects.
2. The white screen test time is not less than 24 hours.
3. If a problem is found, report an error immediately and wait for a solution.

What is the difference between transparent curtain LED displays and SMD packaged LED displays?

(1) Transmittance. conventional LED displays in SMD packages are opaque. Transparent curtain displays transmit up to 90% light and do not interfere with building lighting.
(2) Design. SMD conventional LED display cases are mostly made of alloy, which is heavier and requires a higher building structure. Transparent curtain LED displays are made of environmentally friendly materials, designed to be lightweight and save the cost of steel structures.
(3) Installation methods. SMD conventional LED display, to consider the load-bearing, SMD ordinary screen in the construction process requires large-scale steel frame structure, which takes a long time, transparent curtain LED display can be installed directly on the glass. It can be easily attached to the wall and improve the overall appearance without damaging the wall and without affecting the building structure.
(4) Screen structure. SMD LED displays are restricted by the rectangular structure and are prone to gaps at the splices, while transparent curtain LED displays can provide perfect contours and a natural curved transition.
(5) Range of application. Whether indoor or outdoor, SMD and transparent screens have a range of applications, but for some special buildings, the flexible transparent screen has more advantages.
Whether it is an SMD packaged LED display or a transparent curtain display, it is all about serving the business, which is why there has been an increasing demand for customised LED displays in recent years.

Manufacturing processes and technologies

Use a light-transmitting material and replace the top and bottom covers with glass.
Transparent pixel dots. Transparent curtain LED displays to carry a self-luminous characteristic, which means that each pixel on the screen will emit light by itself and does not need to rely on other light sources.
Manufacturing process:
LED components are implanted into the light-transmitting substrate holding cavity. This transparent substrate is made of translucent material, so that the entire LED display is in a transparent or translucent state, thus improving the visual effect of the screen. The spacing between each pixel is wide to avoid affecting light transmission and also to save costs. The front of the holding cavity is constructed with a convex lens to increase the visual size of the light-emitting dots.
Transparent curtain LED display is a trend in the LED industry and will take a certain market share.

If you want to know more about transparent LED displays, you can check out the other article to know the components of transparent LED screens.

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