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Unit Transparent LED Display

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As a leading transparent LED display manufacturer, UNIT LED transparent screen continuously develops and upgrades, optimizes, and transforms. Our products feature high transparency, ultra-lightweight, smart control, simple, plug and play, High refresh rate, energy saving, and more. UNIT delivers various transparent LED displays to kinds of applications including building glass windows, building glass walls, stores, bars, exhibitions, shopping centers, etc.

Classic Series Transparent LED Display

Unit Transparent LED Display
Classic Series Transparent LED Display

UNIT classic series transparent LED display glass window LED display features high transparency, viewing angle, simple operation, high contrast ratio, and more. You can use this product without changing the architectural appearance and transparency of the glass window. Modularized design, more than 80% transparency, easy installation and maintenance, and new and unique display effect.

Unit Transparent LED Display

Indoor Installation Outdoor Viewing

High transparency is better for glass walls. Indoor install. Outside viewing. more fashion, more secure, easy to use, and a new advertising type for the visual experience.

Unit Transparent LED Display

Thin & Light. No need Steel Structure

A thinner and lighter display body can be easily installed on the original glass curtain window wall without any additional steel structure. Another simple and excellent display format.

Classic Series Screen Dimensions

Unit Transparent LED Display
500mm × 500mm × 85mm / 4.35 kg
Unit Transparent LED Display
1000mm × 500mm × 85mm / 8.7 kg

Rental Series Transparent LED Display

Unit Transparent LED Display
Rental Series Transparent LED Display

UNIT transparent rental LED display for rental application with quick set-up, super high permeability, ultra-thin Ultra-light structure design, high precision, modularized design, more than 80% transparency, easy installation, and disassemble. the new structure design meets the needs of hoisting and erection, meet the requirements of various rental events, meet lifting, stacking, indoor and outdoor requirements;

Product Pixels
Unit Transparent LED Display

New Architecture

Stable and reliable screen body with good heat dissipation effect. The screen can be hung or mounted on the window. Multi-screen interaction. Fast position.

Unit Transparent LED Display

Screen Dimensions

1000×500×75mm Standard size design. ultra lightweight and super thin thickness. high contrast 1500: 1, fast installation, and easy maintenance.

Poster Series Transparent LED Display

Unit Transparent LED Display
Poster Series Transparent LED Display

UNIT poster series transparent LED display transparent digital poster solves the advertisement for a variety of Retail chain stores. most powerful and creative advertising carrier for any shop window, Light Weight, Central Control, Easy Maintenance and setup, high transparency, easy installation and maintenance, new and unique display effect.

Product Pixels

Thin & Light. No need Steel Structure

UNIT LED transparent poster series LED display, also called as a transparent LED advertising machine, can be used for any large shopping malls, airports, indoor chain shops, banks, exhibition centers, luxury stores, subway stations, auto 4S stores, car showrooms, hotel, and other indoor locations, it is ideal to keep the visual depth of the environment so that the LED transparent screen visual experience is stronger and deeper.

Unit Transparent LED Display
Unit Transparent LED Display

Video Center

TransparentLED Display

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LED TypeN/A 1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Pixel Pitchmm3.91-7.827.82-7.8210.4-10.4
Ingress ProtectionIPIP45
Viewing Distancemeter5-1008-10015-120
Module Dimensionmm

500*500 500*1000

500*500 500*1000500*500 500*1000
Refresh rateHz≥1920
Viewing AngleN/A120°
Gray ScaleLevel14bits
AC SperationVAC90~264
Power Consumption(Max/Avg)W/m2800/240 ( Estimate )
Storage Tem.F/C-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C
Storage HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Operating Tem.F/C-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60
Operating HumidityRH10% ~ 85%
Lift time(50% brightness)Hour100,000
Control ModeN/AVideo Sync

Tech Support

Unit LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you, tech support covers installation, configuring, and anything about LED display, please check our contact us page.

If you want to buy a novel led display screen to decorate your window or glass curtain wall, then don’t miss the transparent LED display with super high transparency and excellent display effect!

This article organizes the most comprehensive transparent led screen purchase guide for you, including price, cabinet material, application fields, etc.

Just keep reading and learn the most complete guide for buying your transparent led window display.

1. What is a Transparent LED Display?

A transparent led screen is an optoelectronic product based on the innovation of a traditional led display. It has carried out the targeted transformation of the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, and control system.

Led transparent screen has more than 75% transparency. High transparency reduces the blocking of the line of sight by the led screen. So you can see the scene behind the display. From a distance, the picture seems to be suspended on the glass.

1.1 What does Transparent LED Display Screen Solve?

The emergence of transparent led walls solves some pain points of traditional display screens. It is true that LED display screens are a great helper for advertising and have brought huge commercial value to people.

But when the outdoor led screen is not working, it is out of harmony with the building environment.

And the transparent led display screen realizes an invisible display. Its super-high permeability is integrated with the building curtain wall. Even when not working, it will not spoil the beauty of the building.

1.2 How to Achieve Transparent Display on LED Screen?

There are currently two methods. One is to add a hollow design to the traditional LED module and match the new patch, drive, and control system to realize the optimization and innovation of the display screen. Such as conventional LED transparent screens, and LED film screens.

The second is a product that is directly spliced through light strips/light points. Such as led grid screen, led light strip screen.

This led product is suitable for long-distance and large-area viewing and does not require high definition. They are mainly suitable for large-area lighting display projects, such as urban light shows, large-scale landmark displays, etc.

2. Features of Transparent LED display

High transparency

According to different dot pitches, the light transmittance of the led display transparent is between 50% and 90%. The LED screen with ultra-high transmittance will not affect the lighting function of the glass curtain wall while displaying the picture.

Small footprint and lightweight

The screen body only needs a simple steel frame structure. At the same time, the adhesive transparent led display does not take up space after installation. It will not interfere with other facilities near the glass curtain wall.

Transparent led display

Easy maintenance

Indoor maintenance is fast and convenient. Save your manpower and material resources. The screen consumes little power and does not require traditional cooling systems.

Save costs

On the one hand, the screen body only needs a simple steel frame structure, which can save a lot of costs.

On the other hand, the screen is light in weight and easy to install. There is no need for complex supporting light structures during installation, which can save your installation costs.

Simple operation and strong controllability

 It can be connected with a computer, graphics card, and remote transceiver through a network cable, or you can control the screen wirelessly through a remote cluster, and change the video content at any time.

What is Led transparent film?

Led transparent film belongs to the new generation of LED display products.
transparent display film allows for color richness and detail in motion images without compromising location lighting and aesthetics.

(1) Characteristics

A. High transparency effect. The higher permeability ensures the lighting requirements and perspective range of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, and Windows, as well as the original lighting perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

B. Beautiful. When the transparent led film is extinguished, the film is not noticeable and blends completely into the glass.

C. Energy saving. led transparent film is designed with highly integrated circuits and has ultra-low power consumption, which is 50 percent lower than traditional displays

D. Easy installation. Modular box splicing installation, easy maintenance, the light strip can be directly removed from the front.

E. Intelligence. A wide range of brightness adjustments can meet the needs of various environments.

F. Super light cabinet. Aluminum profile box, ultra-thin design, weight only 12kg/㎡. led film displays can be easily attached to glass surfaces without the need for any complex structure.

(2) Implementation principle
transparent display film on the basis of the traditional transparent screen, the patch production process, lamp bead packaging, and control system have been improved.
The hollowed-out design reduces the obstruction of the structural components to the view and maximizes the perspective effect.

3.Transparent LED Screen Cabinet Material

Knowing the pros and cons of different enclosures can help you make a better choice. Next, let’s take stock of several kinds of transparent led display screen cabinets currently on the market.





Aluminum material

1. It can be used for standard products and customized product box sizes

2. Small density, light weight, good strength, good heat dissipation, easy installation

3. Able to carry out creative customization of special-shaped screens.

The production cycle is slow and the price is expensive.


Die-casting aluminum cabinet

1. Standardized production process, short production cycle

2. Lightweight, reasonable structure, high splicing density

3. It is mainly used for renting places, such as stage dances and exhibitions.

It is not easy to customize, and customized demand items are not applicable.


Acrylic cabinet

1. The permeability is better than that of the aluminum profile cabinet

2. Better transparency effect

1. Poor heat resistance

2. Low plasticity


Carbon fiber cabinet

1. Light and thin, high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

2. Fully modular design, more convenient maintenance, and maintenance

3. It is suitable for large-area installation in the field of stadiums and outdoor advertising lights.

The cost is high and the price is expensive


At present, LED transparent screens mostly use aluminum profile cabinets. Secondly, acrylic LED screen cabinets have gradually gained popularity in recent years. I believe that there will be more cabinets with new materials in the future.

Transparent LED Screen Cabinet: Silvery-White or Black?

We mentioned above that the most common aluminum cabinets are mainly silver white and black. Then, is it better to use silver-white or black for the LED transparent screen cabinet?

According to the differences in application scenarios, silver-white and black cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages.

window led screen 2

First of all, if the windows or glass curtain walls need to have higher permeability, more silver-white cabinets are used. Secondly, consider the coordination between the display screen and the environment.

Black cabinets are often used at auto shows. Regardless of the short distance, the playback time is long. The ambient light of the auto show is complex, and an anti-glare design is required. The black light and black mask design can solve the welding defects of the led light surface, to achieve the best visual effect.

The advertisement design only needs to express the displayed content, and the unnecessary background is black. A black box is more suitable. It is beneficial to highlight the advertising screen and reduce visual fatigue.

4. Transparent LED Screen Price

In recent years, with the advancement of transparent display technology, more and more led display manufacturers have launched led transparent displays. Transparent screen prices generally maintain a stable range.

transparent led display cost is influenced by many factors. UNIT LED introduces the following three main factors to you.

Screen Cabinet (lamp bead, IC, box

a. Lamp beads

Different brands of lamp beads have different quality and different prices. The lamp bead is the main luminous component of led display screens.

High-quality beads determine the clarity of the screen. The number of beads affects the pixel spacing.

Common brands include NationStar, Kinglight, and HongSun.

b. IC

The higher the number and function of ICs, the higher the price. IC affects the refresh rate of the screen. Different specifications of driver IC bring different refresh rates.

Common IC driver brands are MARCOBLOCK, CHIP ONE, Hemingway Electronics, Fuman Electronics, Mingyang, and so on. MY9868 is usually used for transparent LED displays and grille LED screens.

c. Box materials and power supply

As mentioned above, there are differences in the price of different materials. The price of a carbon fiber cabinet is higher than other boxes.

Pixel pitch

For different pixel pitch, the product price difference is large. Generally speaking, a smaller space means a higher price.

The common pixel pitch of transparent screen: 3.91-7.82mm, 3.91-5mm, 6.25-6.25mm, 7.82-7.82mm, 7.82-15.64mm, 10.4-10.4mm.

Custom or not

If you have additional customization needs, your price budget needs to be higher. Especially need to order arcs, triangles, irregular structures, and other irregular structures of the transparent screen.

UNIT LED has extensive experience in manufacturing profiled transparent led display panels. We have completed many projects, welcome to consult.

5. Where can Transparent Glass LED display be Used?

Transparent led screen application

Retail Shop Window

The window along the street is becoming the new darling of brand advertising. A transparent led window display will not block people’s sight while playing with attractive pictures.

This kind of application scene has a small area and novel display effects. Dynamic content attracts more pedestrians’ attention. So, it is popular in the major brand jewelry industry, luxury brands, and retail businesses.

Glass Curtain Wall

With high transparency, the led transparent screen is integrated with the wall glass. The transparent bank makes the LED screen cabinet has a good light transmission. It can be installed indoors and viewed outdoors.

LED light strip screens on the exterior walls of high-rise buildings are a good choice for high buildings. It is the first choice for creating dynamic display landscapes of landmarks. It is suitable for building a super large outdoor led display.

Bar, KTV

Investing in led transparent screens in bars, nightclubs, KTV and other entertainment venues will bring you more traffic. You can customize various transparent creative led displays according to your needs.

Glass Trestle

Interactive transparent led screens are mostly used in shopping plazas and glass walkways. Cool interactive effects and high transparency bring visitors a more exciting experience. It is one of the means for scenic spots and shopping malls to attract passenger flow.

Sightseeing Elevator and Mall Atrium

To meet the advertising needs in the shopping mall, there are transparent led video walls to play advertisements in the atrium of the shopping plaza and the sightseeing elevator. It can also play a role in decoration and beautification while advertising.

6.4 reasons for choosing Transparent LED Display for Shop

Digital window LED displays are the perfect solution to the problem of video display in retail windows. It makes the shop advertising more vivid, and more three-dimensional.

Attract customer attention

Digital window LED displays with high transparency turn the glass into a display screen. Brightly-colored pictures and video content can quickly draw attention to them. It is suitable for some shopping malls with traffic or shops facing the street.

window led screen 1

Enhance store image

Window LED displays are widely used in some high-end stores. For example, car 4S stores, jewelry stores, shopping malls, and booths. The cool transparent display helps to enhance the image and grade of the store.


Good lighting

Up to 85% transparency allows the transparent display to not obstruct the view of the customer. Customers can see the products in the store directly through the glass and panes, thus increasing the store’s attention rate and entry rate.

Good transparency does not affect the lighting inside the store.

Advertising campaign

You can display dynamic videos and video content on window LED displays to promote your store. Through computer control, you can change the advertising content at any time, very convenient.

The transparent led video wall is used as a permanent advertising space for the store and can be used for branding and advertising.

7. Conclusion

Knowing all about transparent LED display, are you excited about it? Seize this opportunity to give your beloved shop a new look!