Transparent LED Display Board: Features and FAQs

With the continuous progress of LED technology, transparent LED display board has ushered in a major technological breakthrough. As we all know, the transparent led screen has the characteristics of transparency, fashion, lightness, and so on. As a new ultra-transparent LED display device, the led transparent screen has ultra-high permeability. And it is widely used in two fields: architectural glass curtain walls and commercial retail windows.

It is undeniable that in today’s society, the traditional led display in the display industry accounts for a large proportion of the market. But at the same time, like led transparent screens such products with advanced technology also have a place. For example, creative led display, 3D led display and other new products are gradually leading the trend of the led industry.

1. UNIT Transparent LED Display Products

transparent LED display board

Classic Series Transparent LED Display

1000*500mm, 500*500mm

85% Transparency

Glass Wall Large indoor space

rental transparent led display

Rental Series Transparent LED Display


85% Transparency

Stage Rental Exhibition

Poster Series Transparent LED Display


85% Transparency

Glass Windows Wall

Slim & Lightweight Design

SMD 3 in 1 LED Encapsulation technology

85% Transparency

Multi-installation Method

CE,Rohs Approved

3 Year Warranty and 5% Spare Part

With a wide range of transparent led display boards to meet your needs, Unit has introduced three new products based on the characteristics of its previous products. They have an ultra-light and ultra-thin structure, quick and easy maintenance, multiple mounting options, and over 80% transparency. Don’t miss out on the many advantages of led display panels!

2. 5 Benefits You Can Get From Transparent LED Display!​

Unique display effect, thin and light screen, high refresh rate, these advantages of the transparent display are all available. The transparent screen has improved the lamp bead manufacturing technology, lamp bead packaging, and control system. This improvement reduces the blocking of the view by the structural parts, thereby obtaining the maximum perspective effect.

As a leading transparent LED display manufacturer in the industry, UNIT LED has launched three different series of transparent led products. They are Classic Series Transparent LED Display, Rental Series Transparent LED Display, and Poster Series Transparent LED Display. Each series of products has high permeability and high reliability.

(1) Lightweight box, easy to install

The lighter and thinner box is convenient for transportation and installation. The weight of the led screen cabinet per square meter is only 15kg. Therefore, it can be easily installed on a glass curtain wall or showcase without additional steel structure. You can use this product without changing the architectural appearance or transparency of the glass wall.

(2) High transmittance

High transparency is the distinguishing feature of a led transparent screen. The transparency of the Unit rental series transparent led screen is up to 80%. It has super high permeability. The thickness of its panel is very small. Therefore, the transparent led panel can be installed on the indoor wall closely.

(3) Excellent transparent display

Viewers watch the display at a suitable distance, and the picture seems to float on the glass wall. The design of the transparent LED display makes the contrast of the LED display very low. So video content is different. Just put the content you want to display on the screen and remove the background color to highlight the content.

(4) Various types to choose

Whether it is fixed, rental, or poster display, the UNIT transparent led panel can meet your needs. And their point spacing is rich, 3.91-7.82mm, 7.82-7.82mm, and 10.4-10.4mm can be selected.

(5) Energy saving and environmental protection

If you choose to install UNIT LED transparent screens in your building, you can save some of the cost of exterior lighting fixtures. At the same time, the beautiful led screens are more attractive than traditional curtain advertising. So it can save you money and bring more advertising benefits.

What’s more,  the power consumption of led screen is small. The average power is less than 280w/㎡. It does not need the traditional cooling system and air conditioning to dissipate heat.

3. UNIT LED-Your Trusted Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer

Why choose us? The following points are the answer.

Outstanding products

High-quality raw materials and lamp beads from well-known brands in the industry guarantee the stable performance and excellent display effect of our transparent LED display. All three displays have been well received by our customers in different applications.

Strict quality control

Each display will go through strict quality inspection to make sure there is no quality problem before packing and shipping. We have a well-equipped aging workshop and professional quality inspectors. We guarantee that the modules and screen panels you receive can be displayed stably.

Rich case library

We have many years of experience in the led display industry and can provide you with professional and systematic solutions for led display. And our business personnel are all professional, they can provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Professional technical support

Professional technical support is one of our specialties. Our vision is to make led screens available to more customers quickly and easily. If you have purchased one of our displays and are having technical problems with it, please do not hesitate to contact our technical staff.

P3.91mm Transparent LED Display Board Case

A customer from Italy purchased a batch of transparent screens from us for retail windows in shopping malls. Customers expect displays with high transparency, high refresh rates, and energy savings. Therefore we recommend UNIT Classic Series Transparent LED Display. Feel the charm of the super large transparent led video wall with us!

p3.91 transparent led display 2

Transparent LED Display Board to Italy

Project Details

Installation Country: Italy

Pixel Pitch: P3.91mm

Module Dimension: 500*500mm 500*1000mm

Transparency: 0.8N/A

Ingress Protection: IP45

Refresh Rate: ≥1920Hz

LED Type: 1R1G1B

Application: Shopping mall window






LED Type





Pixel Pitch





Ingress Protection



Viewing Distance










Module Dimension


500*500 500*1000

500*500 500*1000

500*500 500*1000














Refresh rate



Viewing Angle



Gray Scale



AC Speration



Power Consumption(Max/Avg)


800/240 ( Estimate )

Storage Tem.


-4 ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60C

Storage Humidity


10% ~ 85%

Operating Tem.


-4F ~ 140F/-20C ~ +60

Operating Humidity


10% ~ 85%

Lift time(50% brightness)



Control Mode


Video Sync

4. FAQs about Transparent LED display board

  1. How to choose the most suitable transparent LED display board for my project?

Just contact us. In the email, you need to provide some information, including screen size, application area, indoor or outdoor, and your project budget. We will give the most suitable solution and quotation as soon as possible.

  1. What benefits can a transparent screen bring to my project?

(1) High transparency ensures the lighting requirements of the glass wall and window and ensures the original light-gathering line and transparency of the glass wall. At the same time, the novel display effect can bring more attention.

(2) Save space. The transparent screen can be installed close to the wall without taking up space.

(3) Unique viewing effect. The transparent screen is conducive to advertising and artistic effect display.

(4) Simple maintenance. It supports a variety of installation methods, and the installation process is simple. Indoor maintenance can be achieved, simple, and efficient.

  1. The main application areas of transparent screens

(1) Classic Series Transparent LED Display is mainly used for glass curtain walls and shopping mall windows.

(2) The Rental series is used in rental fields, such as stage performances.

(3) PosterTransparent LED screen can be used in any large shopping malls, airports, indoor chain stores, banks, convention and exhibition centers, luxury stores, subway stations, car 4S stores, car showrooms, hotels, and other indoor places.

  1. How about your technical support?

Professional technicians will solve your technical problems. Including device problems, setting-related configuration files, etc. Our technicians will do their best to solve your technical problems.

  1. Can You send free samples?

Yes, we can provide free samples. Just contact us to get a free led module or even a free led screen cabinent.

The Bottom Line

In recent years, transparent LED display panels have been increasingly used in these five applications. Public large architectural spaces and applications, large stage applications, giant canopy applications, architectural media applications, and glass windows. With its unique display effect is loved by people.

It perfectly integrates modern art and mechanical dynamic design. High permeability, high stability, and long service life make transparent LED display screen the preferred product for modern architectural advertising illumination. Besides, it is also used to improve the appearance of the city and enhance its image.

If you want to know more about the transparent LED display board, please contact us.

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