Transparent LED Display Will Be The Highlights of LED Display Industry
Transparent LED Display is becoming more and more popular in recent years, the attention of the market by the hot seems to be no less than a small pixel led video wall. LED transparent displays of the realization of the principle is the light of the screen of the micro-innovation, the patch manufacturing process, lamp beads packaging, control systems are targeted to improve, coupled with hollow design structure, reducing the structural parts of the Blocking the line of sight, limiting the perspective to improve the effect.It can be installed facing with windows without any effects for the outside viewing from inside.
transparent led display
LED transparent display with its transparent, thin, easy to install, energy saving and other characteristics widely favored by the market in China’s urban construction has been more and more widely used. Even in the development countries is extremely strict monitoring of advertising, but also by their government and businessmen smile greeted, and not long ago, more and more LED display customers want to install glass led display for their shopping center. LED transparent display made a bold prediction: “By 2025, transparent display Of the market output of about 87.2 billion US dollars.
LED transparent displays in such a bright future, but there have some problems need to be resolved.

First of all, LED transparent displays is a major feature of the transparent, and as a branch of the LED all transparent led display is not waterproof,even the outdoor window led display.they just have high brightness,but can not be used in rainy if transparent led displays factories can solve the problems of will be widely used for outdoor advertising.

Second, the current market, more and more LED displays custom model, LED transparent displays is also true, although customization can be more in line with customer requirements, and architecture can be more perfect combination. However, this is also a lot of LED transparent displays manufacturers are facing problems. the current LED transparent displays is a big problem of customization, the market more customized products,they will facing different after-sales problems. aslo different standard,such as repair,materials,installation and is not the product differentiation but wasting the labor cost and time.In addition, it is understood that the market LED transparent
displays used by the side of the luminous LED lamp beads is not strong, consistency and stability is poor, resulting in higher production costs, aftermarket is also more trouble. So LED transparent displays after-sales service, product maintenance convenience and product reliability is also the need to solve the problem.

Third,for now the smallest pixel pitch for transparent led video display is 3.91mm,because of the features of transparency. it will lose the brightness and display effects such as Grey Grade,refresh glass led screen factory need find a way to solve this problem.

Although the LED transparent displays into the market not too long, but it opened up a new market areas for led display application, such as urban landmarks, municipal buildings, car 4S shops, airports and so can be widely used, but also to meet a new market demand The It is understood that China’s modern glass curtain wall has a total area of more than 70 million square meters, has a huge potential market, can be developed into a new LED displays industry in the blue ocean field. And thus solve the above problems for the excavation of this huge market has a crucial role.

UNIT LED will focus on Transparent LED Display Manufacturing,and If you have any questions or good ideas about LED transparent display, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Our Team will give the best proposal for you.

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