Transparent LED Poster: All Things You Want to Know

The future is related to transparent LED poster. As one branch of transparent LED display, one of the most surging products in LED display industry, transparent LED poster has many advantages that can benefit your projects and businesses.

1.What Is Transparent LED Poster?

As you can see from the name, transparent LED poster can show customers the contents but does not block the background and light at the same time. The transparent LED poster display supports multiple installation methods including standing, back brackets supporting, hanging and so on, and the most common installation method is hanging.

led transparent poster

The technology it applies are almost as same as other transparent LED displays:

1) Micro-innovation and improvement of LED light bar, and reducing the necessary number of it;

2) Targeted improvements of SMD process, packaging technology and control system;

3)Adoption of hollowed-out design, which aims to simplify the structure.

2.Differences between Traditional LED Poster and Transparent LED Poster Screen

1) Indoor installation and outdoor viewing.

This can be one of the most outstanding features of transparent LED poster screen. You can hang it near the window, but do not block the sunlight, and keep customers still see the inner room of your store clearly.

The indoor installation can prevent transparent LED screens from unstable factors from outside such as water and humidity, UV and so on.

2) High permeability

The permeation ranges from 50% to 90% but the thickness of the screen is very thick.

The traditional LED display screen is lighttight and may affect indoor daylighting, while the side edge lighting technology of the transparent LED screen makes the light bar almost invisible to naked eyes from the front. That is why it is popular with people who run stores facing the street.

Using this technology, LED transparent poster is advanced with a sense of technology.

3) Highly customized ability

LED transparent posters have high customized ability that can meet customers’ needs for different shapes and sizes to better fit the size of windows. 

4) Very easy operation and management

Multiple management ways can be chosen including controlling the screen by mobile phone, PC and notebook. Only by tapping on your mobile phone, you can achieve the real-time management of contents and set in several seconds.

5) Energy-saving and environment-friendly feature

Generally transparent LED display will be more environment-friendly and save more than 40% than a traditional LED display screen.

3.Advantages of LED Transparent Poster

1)High transparency 

The high transparency can ensure customers see the stores from outside while still show the advertisements clearly. 

Traditional non-transparent LED window posters act as a dark wall and will block sunlight, so your indoor areas need to rely on unnatural lighting. But LED transparent poster will do not have worry like this.

2)Easy to maintain

The management software is easy to operate and is friendly to even novices. As we have mentioned above, this kind of screen is made up of LED stripes, which have a long life expectancy, and can be replaced quickly without having to replace the entire module.

management of transparent led poster

3)Brighter than bright

Basically, these LED poster screens can reach the brightness of 6000nits, and the pictures or videos on it can be seen clearly under direct sunlight. For customers who want a higher standard, the brightness can even reach 10000nits to be viewable for more audiences in the far distance.

Transparent LED poster displays own higher brightness than LCD poster, projector, TV and some traditional LED displays, and is ideal for advertising.

4) High resolution

We provide small pixel pitch transparent LED poster, giving your audiences more attractive, noticeable images on the screen to boose the human traffic and impact them with your products!

5) Elegant appearance

Simple, lightweight and elegant frames make the LED poster screen attractive and fashionable. The structure is simple, and the noise-free power box is placed inside the display. The sending card may need to be placed outside, but only a little room is needed for it.

6) Energy-efficiency but the versatility

A Transparent LED poster can save energy more than 40% of the consumption of LCD display and traditional LED displays. The unique technology makes it one of the most environment-friendly media to run for advertising for a long time. And the service life is also deserved to be highlighted which can be more than 10,000 hours.

In short, the advantages can be summarized as below:

1) Easy to manage and control, user-friendly and high efficiency;

2) Adopt high ambient light, high brightness with low energy consumption;

(3) Energy-saving with high-quality images;

4) High transparency, will not block the sunlight;

5) Elegant and scientific design, attracting people’s eyes;

6) Make your windows and showcases noticeable, bringing you more potential customers.

4.How to Choose the Right Transparent LED?

1) Noise reduction technology

This technology aims to prevent the screen from effects of different noise that will disturb the working of the screen when generating images.

2) High definition with high transparency

For transparent LED, the more the pixel pitch, may mean there is less transparency. Choosing the right pixel pitch based on the consideration of suitable visualization effects is vital to balance the definition and the losing of some permeability.

3) Brightness

If you want to leave good impression on your customers, enable the screen to have enough brightness. Moreover, it should apply brightness adjustment technology, which can save electricity cost for you, and also be more friendly for people who pass the windows during different time slots.

4) Protection level

The protection level is one of the most important factors that will influence the final working life. It should be adequate for resisting water, humidity, dust and UV.

5) Service and maintenance

The better the service, the less the liability for you to regret the business in the future. The services should cover almost all the processes from installing and operation. For example, there should be experienced staff in the vendor company to guide you on how to install, how to maintain, and how to operate.

But just be at ease, the installation and operation will all be very easy for you to be skilled at – maybe only need few hours.

6) Peripheral devices

Never forget to consider the quality of peripheral devices of the screen, for example, driver IC, circuit boards, LED lamps, and power suppliers. They all have direct relations with the service life and play effects.

5.What Is the Applications of Transparent LED Screen?

There are many sites and industries that can use transparent LED screens to improve their competitiveness. 


1)Retail and shopping malls


3)The exterior of the buildings


5)Tourist attractions







Due to these unique features of transparent LED poster, you can install them conveniently almost anywhere. It is fashionable, high-effective, reliable and has high adaptation, and can help to boost customer traffic to generate revenues.

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