Transparent LED Wall-A Good Choice For Concert & Stage!

The transparent LED wall creates a very personalized concert stage background for you! Exquisite pictures, gorgeous lighting, and wonderful performances provide the audience with a wonderful audio-visual feast.

In addition to the rental LED display, the transparent LED display with high transparency can also be used as a stage background to amaze your audience. Let’s feel its charm together!

1. Advantages of Transparent LED Wall in Concert

Transparent LED Wall for Concert

The transparent LED Wall creates a stunning visual effect for the concert stage. Unique display effects, special lighting design, and creative animation special effects allow the audience to enter the carnival music world.

Ice LED screens with high transparency attract more and more attention in concert and stage art. So, what are the advantages of the transparent LED display on the concert stage?

transparent led wall in concert (1)

(1) Various Stage Shapes

Build a variety of stage background walls according to the stage design to make your stage more distinctive. The curved and rental transparent LED wall screen has high transparency and light & thin cabinets.

The strong perspective effect lengthens the depth of field of the whole picture. At the same time, the cabinet will not hinder the space left by the stage design for the suspension and performance of the stage lights.

The high-definition concert LED display and colorful lights brought a dreamy and fiery atmosphere to the scene.

(2) Good Visual Effects

The traditional rental LED display uses a closed cabinet design, and the coverage of the video wall is fixed. If the giant screen is hoisted, the load-bearing requirements are high.

The lightweight transparent concert LED display is hoisted to create a 360° stage with no dead ends for the audience. Even audiences far from the main stage can immerse themselves in the music.

High refresh rate, high-contrast screen can withstand the test of mobile phones and cameras. Even if you use a mobile phone to take pictures of the screen, the picture is still clear.

(3) Easy to Disassemble & Install

The design of the hollow structure reduces the weight of the screen cabinet. Concert transparent LED video wall reduces the burden on stage trusses and improves stage safety.

UNIT rental series ice LED screens can be quickly installed and removed. It is an excellent choice for events, concerts, celebrations, and more.

Usually, the stage layout of large-scale concerts requires a lot of work. Choosing a transparent LED screen that is quick and easy to install can improve the efficiency of stage construction.

(4) Excellent Stage Effects

The well-proportioned hanging screens have a great visual impact. Stage LED display adds more layering to the concert, greatly enhancing the appeal of the show.

In general, the cool pictures displayed by the LED display brought the audience the ultimate visual enjoyment. It is why the ice LED screen is more and more popular in concert stages.

transparent led wall in concert (2)

(5) High Transparency

Based on the traditional display screen, the ice LED screen has made comprehensive improvements to the SMT process and cabinet structure.

The hollow structure reduces the obstruction of the parts to the line of sight, to achieve a transparency rate of 70%~90%.

The transparent cabinet creates a stage effect with a strong sense of perspective and space without hindering the effect of stage lighting.

Rental LED display for Concert Stage

Lightweight and portable rental screens have always been the first choice for stage screens.

Stage background LED display provides high brightness and color accuracy, bringing a good visual experience to the audience.

The characteristics of the light cabinet, quick disassembly, and installation make the rental LED display meet the needs of quickly setting up the stage.

But it has to be admitted that for large-scale concerts, the giant video wall box structure may block the sight of some audiences.

UNIT Stage LED Display Solution

Create Illusive Effects For Concert, Event, And Digital Stage

2. Which One is Suitable for Concert Stages?

Transparent LED Wall for Concert

Transparent LED displays are widely used in stage performances, and their unique transparency properties allow them to create stunning visual effects without blocking the scenes or lights behind them.

The following are some of the key features and advantages of transparent LED displays in stage performances:

(1) Light in weight, easy to transport and install. Ensure the safety of the hoisting structure.

(2) Quick and easy installation and disassembly. The modular design of the ice screen is easy to hoist or install and fix on the bracket. Standard-sized modules can be assembled into large screens quickly. Custom styling is also supported.

(3) High brightness and color reproduction: Despite being transparent, the LED display is still able to provide high brightness and excellent color reproduction, ensuring clear and bright images in various light conditions.

(4) Satisfy the access to different video signals, play videos, pictures, and other content at will, and play various information in a real-time, synchronous, and transparent information dissemination mode.

High transparency: Transparent LED displays have high light transmittance, usually between 50% and 90%.

This allows it to play video content while the audience is still able to see the set, actors or other stage elements behind the screen.

Modular splicing: Transparent LED displays are usually composed of multiple modular units.

It can be flexibly spliced ​​into different sizes and shapes according to stage needs, adapting to various creative designs and stage design needs.

Energy saving and environmental protection: LED technology is relatively energy-saving, and transparent LED displays are no exception.

They can effectively reduce energy consumption in large-scale use.

Multifunctional applications: In addition to displaying video and image content, transparent LED displays can also be integrated with stage lighting, sound effects and other multimedia equipment.

Achieve interactive and synchronized effects to enhance the overall visual impact of the performance

What can Transparent LED screens do for Stage?

(1) Immersive visual experience

The stage built with a transparent screen, combined with stage lighting and music changes, brings a stunning immersive visual experience to the audience.

The highly transparent LED wall makes the entire scene more three-dimensional, bringing greater interactivity and realism to the actors and guests on the scene.

(2) Reduce the screen’s occlusion of the stage

Traditional rental screens adopt a closed cabinet design. The two-dimensional visual illusion space of the LED display conflicts with the real spatial representation of the scene.

The blocking characteristics of its sheet structure form design constraints with the space creation of the scene.

The use of transparent screens solves this problem very well. The thin, transparent box supports the hoisting design. Stage designers can hang LED transparent screens according to the conditions of the stage.

Without affecting the stage lighting, the LED video wall is used to create a stage effect with a strong sense of perspective and space.

The suspended transparent LED video is conducive to creating a circular stage and providing the audience with an all-around unobstructed visual space.

Application of transparent LED display in stage performances

(1) Stage background: As the main background screen, it provides dynamic background visual effects.

(2) Stage decoration: It can be used on the sides and top of the stage to increase the layering and three-dimensionality of the stage.

(3) Special effects: The transparent LED display can be combined with physical props to create a visual effect that combines reality and reality to enhance the performance.

In short, the application of transparent LED displays in stage performances not only improves the visual effect, but also provides more possibilities for creative design, becoming an indispensable part of modern stage technology.

3. How to choose Ice LED Screen for Concerts?

(1) Viewing Distance

Pixel pitch affects viewing distance and screen price. The smaller the dot pitch value, the higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the screen, and the more suitable for close-up viewing.

For example, the viewing distance of P3.91mm LED transparent screen is ≥4M, and the viewing distance of P7.81mm LED transparent screen is ≥7.8M.

For example, if the closest viewing distance to the screen is 4M, then the P3.91mm transparent screen can be initially recommended.

(2) Transparent LED Wall Size

A larger pixel pitch should not be selected for a small-area screen. However, it is possible to use smaller pitch specifications for large-area screens.

For example, for a concert LED transparent screen of 30 square meters, P3.91mm can be selected, and P7.81 or P10.4 should not be selected.

For concert LED curtain wall screens over 100 square meters, P7.81 and P10.4 can be used. If the budget is sufficient, P7.81 can be used, but the 10.4 model is more economical.

(3) Cost Budget

The smaller the pixel pitch of the concert LED ice screen, the higher the screen cost per unit area. As long as you provide your specific needs, UNIT LED can provide you with the most suitable solution.

4. Transparent LED Wall Price

The transparent screen price is affected by many factors: specifications, area, configuration, installation, etc.

Compared with traditional screens, ice LED screens are more expensive. The price of transparent screens on the market is about 6,000~12,000 yuan/square meter. It is only the area of the screen, and other accessories such as control computers and video controllers are not included.

UNIT LED provides you with better suggestions and helps you formulate the most cost-effective solution.

LED ice screen price composition:

(1)LED display, the screen is mainly composed of LED lamp beads, power supply, cabinet, power cord, and so on.

(2) Control system. The concert LED wall has a large area and high pixel density. A control system with high load capacity can guarantee the screen works well.

(3) Basic accessories: computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, video processor (optional), etc.

(4) Flight case. The main function is to facilitate packaging and transportation, and the protection performance is better.

5. UNIT Transparent LED Wall Recommended

Different types of led transparent screens are suitable for different applications. UNIT rental series transparent LED display perfectly meets the needs of the concert stage.

Rental series of transparent LED display glass windows have the characteristics of high transparency, wide viewing angle, easy operation, and high contrast. It is the best choice for cultural exhibitions and entertainment activities.


Rental Series Transparent LED Display

UNIT Rental Series Transparent LED Display Details

Light-weight Cabinet

transparent led wall cabinet
power & signal connector

Cabinet Thickness

Power & Signal Connector

Curved Lock

UNIT Transparent LED Wall Customer Cases

6. More Applications

(1) Shopping Mall

Dynamic advertising display

 Install transparent LED screens on the glass curtain walls of shopping malls or store entrances to play brand advertisements, promotional information and new product releases to attract customers’ attention.

Navigation and information display

The transparent screen can be used in the navigation system inside the mall to display mall maps, store locations, event information, etc. in real time to help customers find the target store more conveniently.

(2) Retail Display Window

Product display

Using transparent screens to display product information, video demonstrations, etc. in the window allows customers to learn more about product features and functions without entering the store.

Dynamic attraction

By playing dynamic videos, special effects animations and other content, attract potential customers passing by to stop and watch, increasing the flow of people in the store.

Real-time update

The transparent screen can update the display content in real time through the Internet, such as new product launches, limited-time promotions and other information, ensuring that customers can get the latest news as soon as possible.

7. Conclusion

High-quality transparent LED wall has achieved success on the concert stage. High transparency and gorgeous image effects create a dreamy visual feast for the audience.

Want to take your stage presence to the next level? Want to keep your sponsors and audience happy? Rental series transparent LED display can achieve your goals!

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