Truck LED Display: A New Trend in Outdoor Advertising

With the continuous development of science and technology, it seems to be that the truck LED display screens are more and more popular. As a new generation of information dissemination carriers, truck LED display screens are much more frequent in people’s daily life.

They have crucial functions in information dissemination and advertising. Due to the growth of the advertising market demand and the innovation of advertising delivery methods, LED screen trailers are becoming a hot spot in the LED display industry.

This article mainly brings you some related introductions about truck LED displays.

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1. What is the Truck LED display?

The truck display is a kind of LED display screen. The difference from the ordinary display screen is that it is installed on the car and is movable.

Let us define it. It is a flexible device that uses a dedicated power supply, control card, and unit board to display text, pictures, animation, and video on and off the dot matrix. It also can be divided into fixed LED display and rental LED display.

As an independent led display system, its requirements for stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration, waterproof and dustproof are higher than ordinary led display screens installed in fixed places.

The perfect performance of the truck LED display comes from the support of multiple technologies.

For instance, LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low-temperature technology, anti-static technology, anti-interference technology, vehicle electronic technology, etc.

With the blessing of these technologies, truck LED display screens can display information on mobile cars and become the new favorite of the advertising industry.

Mobile LED screens for digital advertising1

2. Classification of Truck LED Display

According to different classification standards, truck LED displays can be classified as follows.


(1) Single color LED refers to the function of the display screen to display a single color, generally one of red, yellow, blue, and green.

It frequently works to display advertisements on the roof of taxis. It also shows road signs on the front and rear sides of buses.

(2) Double color LED can display two colors, which is common in the function screen of the bus.

(3) Full-color LED display screen uses red, green, and blue light-emitting lamps, with higher unit resolution and more vivid and rich colors. The LED screen equipped on the mobile LED display trailer is a full-color screen.

Pixel pitch

(1) P6mm: The distance between the lamp beads is 6mm. It is enough for taxi advertising screens. Visual distance: 10-50 meters.

The horizontal spacing is 6mm, the vertical spacing is 7.62mm, and the viewing distance is 30-80m.

(2) P10mm: P10 means the distance between the lamp beads is 10mm. P10 LED  module often appears on bus screens.

3. Advantages of Mobile Truck LED Display

The mobile truck LED display is an extension of the advertising LED screen.

It has a wide range of applications because of its movable nature, such as outdoor information displays, event advertisements, mobile stage backgrounds, and live event scores.

You can find out it on various vehicles, ships, taxis, and other means of transportation. Why are mobile truck LED displays so popular? I will tell you the answer next.

In addition to advertising, the LED display trailer is also very influential at some large-scale events.

Sometimes, the government, social groups, schools, and shopping malls will hold various publicity activities. They need to put up many posters, banners, and slogans.

For one thing, it consumes a lot of paper. For another thing, the city’s image and environment will be very unfavorable after the storm.

The car display can avoid this phenomenon well. A large screen, high-definition picture, with speakers and lighting effects, can improve the atmosphere well.

mobile truck led screen1

3.1 Fast spread and extensive coverage

In the coverage of advertising methods, mobile truck LED display has an absolute advantage.

Compared with other indoor and outdoor fixed installation advertising LED screens, the LED display on trucks is always in motion.

It can broadcast advertising information in real time with the vehicle on the road. The LED display trailer has a stronger advertising communication ability and wider coverage.

3.2 High adaptability

High-quality truck LED display adopts super bright LED module and well-configured IC control system.

You can feel the high adaptability of the LED display trailers according that they can work in various environmental conditions.

3.3 Simple operation

The truck LED display adopts an industrial-grade dual-processing chip-led control system. It can work under 9~36V.

The LED screen has the function of communication fault self-checking. When encountering a fault, it will try to recover by itself, minimizing on-site maintenance.

Whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone, it is very convenient to change information and play videos.

3.4 Simple maintenance

Modular design is easy for maintenance. Display, control, and power supply are designed separately to form LED modules, which are more stable and easier to maintain.

4. Application of Truck LED Screen

Mobile/vehicle LED display screen is easy to move and has a massive audience, which is the best carrier of advertising information.

With the diversification of customer requirements, the solutions of mobile LED displays have also become more diverse.

Before long, we knew the classification of truck LED displays. The range of applications and classifications mentioned here have something in common.

The display modules used for different purposes are also not familiar. You can choose a suitable one according to your actual needs.

4.1 Rear window LED display

Generally, single and double color LEDs are suitable modules to display text and play advertising information. They are on the rear windows of taxis, buses, or other vehicles.

4.2 Roof LED Display

The display screen is on the roof of the taxi. On the one hand, it plays the role of taxi lights to increase recognition at night.

On the other hand, it is helpful to increase the penetration of advertisements in the city.

The LED screen can also display text advertisement information. As a mobile advertising carrier, it can bring unlimited business opportunities at a low cost.

4.3 Mobile LED display truck

It often plays a role in advertising, public welfare promotion, touring performances, etc. The full-color LED screen on the truck is beneficial.

It can display text information and colorful pictures, videos, and other content. Relatively, its price is more expensive than the previous two kinds of taxi and bus LED displays.

The modified LED display has stable performance. The size and specification of the display screen can be customized according to the different needs of customers.

This LED display is like a moveable billboard display screen. Advertising investors spend less cost and can reap better benefits.

4.4 Bus LED display

The bus is a crucial means of transportation in the city, and there are many routes. Install LED displays on the bus body and rear.

For one thing, provide ride information to passengers. On another thing, beautify the appearance of the city and show the beautiful image of the city.

There is more than one LED display inside the bus. In addition to a display screen dedicated to displaying bus stops in real-time, there is also a display screen dedicated to playing advertisements.

This approach maximizes the advertising benefits of the bus. The LED display screen can wirelessly obtain timely news, weather forecasts, advertisement information, and other content.

Not only does it provide a great ride experience for passengers, but it also brings significant benefits to operators.

5. Take Spark Video Trucks as an Example

Take the spark 8 series as an example, let’s get to know this mobile LED display truck.

The body of this product is huge, and the area of the LED display is larger than that of the previous series.

The outdoor LED display with a pixel pitch of 3.9mm has a good display effect and can display high-definition picture quality.

All Spark video trucks have edge-to-edge rear displays, but the 8 Series rear view is on top. The developers designed a hidden door system with no visible frame, maximizing the LED display area.


818 Premium P3.9

LED Technology

3.9 mm SMD

Display Dimensions

Side Screens

18ft 1in W x 8ft 2in H

Side Aspect Ratio


Back Screen

6ft 7in W x 8ft 2in H

Back Aspect Ratio



Side Screens (pixels)

1408 x 640

Side Total Pixels


Back Screen (pixels)

512 x 640

Back Total Pixels




6000 cd/m2

Brightness Adjust

Roof mounted brightness sensor with automatic dimming and manual override



LED Control System

Video processor

Spark Media Processor

External source inputs

4 HDMI, 4 USB3, 4 USB2

Video switching

15” cab mounted touchscreen display controls Spark Mojo system. Switch content playing on any on-screen zone to a different source. Easily adjust content and sound level during live special events

Media player

Spark Mojo Player 5.0 (internal), optional external media players (HDMI) or most Windows based media control systems


6 content zones: each truck screen can have two independent zones of content, all with different source of media


Spark A2 audio system. 2400 watt (4 Ohms) digital amplifier, 8 marine grade speakers, sound enhancing speaker enclosures, wireless microphone system

Power Consumption

Maximum watts

21125 watts (pure white image, max brightness, all screens)


Tier 4 diesel 30kW, 30000 watts capacity

External power

Optional 220V 50A transfer switch with external twist lock shore power connector

6. Special Requirements for Truck LED Display

It is different from the ordinary LED display installed in a fixed place. The reason is that the truck LED display is installed on the vehicle and the vehicle often moves. The following requirements are required for the installation. 

(1). The truck is prone to generate static electricity during operation, especially in autumn when the static high voltage can reach thousands of volts. Without good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage IC and LED lights.

(2). The power supply on the vehicle is supplied by the battery. The vehicle will generate high pulse voltage when starting, braking and stopping. If the power supply system is not good, the display screen will be burned.

(3). LED attenuation characteristics: LED brightness is attenuated, with a 10-70% attenuation rate in a year. The brightness of half-year with poor quality is reduced by half, making it impossible to see the display clearly.

(4). In the north, trucks are usually placed outdoors. The temperature may reach – 40 ℃ in winter and 60 ℃ in summer, which requires the power supply and display components to work at a wide temperature.

(5). Appropriate brightness. If the LED display is not bright enough, it will not be visible in the daytime, and the significance of installing the display is lost; If it is too bright, it will affect driving.

(6). The truck is always moving, and the stability and reliability of electronic products are highly required.7. Common features of the truck LED display screen include appearance and size. Led display with 2 or 3 sides.

7. Configuration of Mobile LED Advertising Truck

The truck LED display is an associated product after the rise of the LED display industry. This product combines a van with a large LED display for mobile advertising.

Generally speaking, mobile LED advertising vehicles are composed of four main parts: vehicle chassis, LED display screen, power supply system, and operating system.

7.1 Vehicle chassis

The design of the chassis has fully considered the effect of temperature on the working of the truck LED display.

The bottom of the car is a U-thumb floor. The interior uses high-temperature resistant aluminum, and the middle interlayer uses polyurethane foam insulation.

When the outdoor temperature is too high or too low, it will not affect the operation of the equipment inside the vehicle.

7.2 LED display screen

Different models of advertising vehicles use dissimilar LED display models. However, they also have some similarities. For example, the full-color LED screen is popular for mobile LED advertising trucks.

They are full of three-dimensional sense and have a strong visual impact. This unique way of advertising is more likely to attract people’s attention.

The LED display system and the body installation use multiple rubber blocks with good vibration damping performance to buffer the vibration caused by the body movement.

The exterior of the display is protected by plexiglass, which has waterproof protection and unique anti-ultraviolet performance for the LED display system.

Moreover, a double-sided LED screen is a good choice for a truck. The LED screen cabinet is light in weight, stylish and simple in appearance, ultra-thin and beautiful, and supports a split-screen multi-screen display.

The double-sided screen developed by UNIT LED adopts front maintenance, a simple structure, and convenient installation.

truck led display

7.3 Power supply system

The whole vehicle has two independently controlled power supply systems, DC and AC.

Firstly, the 220V power supply system in the work area supplies power to the corresponding sockets and lighting circuits.

Secondly, the vehicle’s 24V system ensures driving. The AC 220V circuit is specially working for LED display equipment.

The cabin door of the generator is specially designed with an air inlet grille to ensure the generator’s heat dissipation and ventilation.

7.4 Operating System

There is audio playback equipment synchronized with the LED display screen under both sides of the body.

The strong effect produced by the combination of sound and vision effectively conveys the advertising message to the target customers while leaving an unforgettable impression.

8. Conclusion

This article mainly introduces the truck LED display. Truck LED display has many advantages. For example, it is not restricted by geographical environment and has good mobility. It can be displayed, communicated, and interacted on the spot, and has a wide range of publicity. They can effectively obtain the maximum advertising effect.

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