What is Ultra-thin Flexible LED Screen?

Ultra-thin flexible LED screen has a unique appearance and excellent visual effects. The creative shape design and excellent color expression capabilities make it a more attractive visual experience compared to conventional rectangular LED screens.

The flexible LED screen has a variety of shapes: wavy, spherical, round, streamers, cylinders, and other shapes.

Ultra-thin flexible LED modules with high flexibility can be bent, bringing a stunning visual experience for two people to various scenes.

Want to know more about ultra-thin flexible LED screens? Let’s read now!

1. Ultra-thin Flexible LED Screen Introduction

With creativity and innovation at its core, the ultra-thin flexible LED screen is derived from the flat conventional rectangular LED display screen.

A soft flexible LED screen is built from flexible LED modules. It has a variety of special shapes. Various irregular-shaped flexible LED display screens can display highly creative content.

ultra thin flexible led screen

According to the spatial characteristics of the building structure and installation environment, the size, installation method, etc. of the Ultra-thin flexible LED screen can be customized.

For example, cylinder LED displays in hotel lobbies or subway stations. The shape of the cylinder LED display fits the supporting pillars of the building.

Ultra-thin flexible LED screen plays a display role without occupying additional building space.

2. What You Can Get From Ultra-thin Flexible LED Screen

How to create an attractive flexible LED screen?

LED soft modules can meet people’s high standard requirements for the perfect combination of styling and practical effects of creative LED displays.

(1) Excellent Visual Experience

In terms of appearance, an ultra-thin flexible LED screen can attract the audience’s attention immediately and achieve a better publicity effect.

At the same time, it also better expands the application scope of large screen splicing.

(2) 360°Viewing Angle

Compared with conventional LED screens, ultra-thin flexible LED modules can be bent and spliced into round, spherical, and cylindrical LED screens.

No matter where the audience is located, they can see the content displayed by the creative LED display.

The 360-degree multi-image cylindrical LED display can meet people’s pursuit of high-quality images.

(3) Features of Ultra-thin Flexible LED Screen

Creative design.

The flexible LED screen makes full use of a curved design to break the traditional rectangular display form.

It brings a more shocking and immersive visual experience to the audience.


It can be personalized according to different needs. Can be designed and manufactured according to scene size and arc requirements, suitable for various indoor and outdoor environments

Ultra HD quality.

Using advanced LED technology, a creative flexible LED display features high brightness, high refresh rate, and high contrast.

High-quality LED components ensure a more vivid visual effect.

3. Where to Install Your Flexible LED Displays

Creative LED displays have a wide range of applications. Below we provide some inspiration:

(1) Advertising Media

Flexible LED Displays create unique advertising formats that attract the audience’s attention.

The unique shape and brightly colored images impress the audience with the advertising content, thereby enhancing the brand’s visibility and publicity effect.

Whether in shopping malls, stations, stadiums, or other indoor and outdoor places, flexible LED screens can become a beautiful landscape.

(2) Performance Stage

The giant stage background LED display of the large performing arts stage uses a rental LED display.

Various flexible LED walls that match the stage style can be installed on both sides of the stage.

High-resolution ultra-thin flexible LED screen brings more shocking and three-dimensional visual effects to performing arts performances.

Various performance venues such as song and dance theaters and concerts can benefit from this.

(3) Landscape Architecture

Soft flexible LED displays can be embedded into building facades, ceilings, or curved roofs.

Create a unique architectural landscape and become part of the city’s night scene, adding brilliance to the city.

(4) Immersive Scene

immersive led display

The immersive LED video wall made of soft modules brings an immersive visual experience to people inside.

Immersive LED screen is widely used in transportation (civil aviation, subway), exhibitions, museums, planning halls, commercial complexes, education, media, digital stage art, sports, medical and other places.

4. What Should Consider Buying Flexible LED Display?

(1) Flatness

The surface flatness should be within ±1mm to ensure that the displayed image is not distorted, partially convex or concave, etc.;

(2) Brightness

Generally, the brightness of indoor full-color screens should be above 800cd/m2, and the brightness of outdoor full-color screens should be above 5500cd/m2;

(3) Waterproof Level

Outdoor flexible LED screens need to have a good waterproof level to ensure that the screen can operate normally on rainy days.

(4) White Balance Effect

The white balance effect is one of the important indicators of the display screen. Pay attention to whether the white color is bluish or yellowish-green;

(5) Color Restoration

The color displayed on the display screen must be highly consistent with the color of the playback source;

(6) Whether There are Mosaics and Dead Spots

For example, if a small square box appears that is always bright or always dark, it is a sign of module necrosis;

(7) No Color Blocks

Color blocks refer to obvious color differences between adjacent modules;

5. Related Products

5.1 Indoor Flexible LED Module

Indoor flexible LED modules have the best contrast and color uniformity to ensure the LED display has an excellent visual effect.

The bendable LED soft module is highly flexible and ideal for creating creative LED displays with unique shapes.

It can form special-shaped LED displays as you like to make the screen more fashionable and attractive.

We offer various pixels for flexible LED panels ranging from P1.875mm, P2mm, P3mm, P4mm to P5mm.

Indoor flexible LED modules are available in various sizes: 240*120mm, 320mm*160mm, and 256*128mm.

5.2 P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED Module

P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED module has waterproof advantages and display effects that traditional soft modules cannot match.

It can achieve any shape, and at the same time, the curved surface of the screen eliminates visual blind spots and meets people’s pursuit of high-quality pictures.

The front and rear waterproof processes allow the P4mm outdoor flexible LED module to reach the IP65 waterproof level.

It has high brightness, high flexibility, and a high waterproof rating, making it ideal for outdoor Flexible LED screen projects.

Outdoor Soft LED Module Appearance

outdoor p4mm ultra thin flexible LED screen (2)

Front side & Back side

outdoor p4mm ultra thin flexible LED screen (4)

The rear cover of the module is removable for easy installation and maintenance

outdoor p4mm ultra thin flexible LED screen (1)

Anti-fall safety rope and reinforced magnet


The concave and convex LED screens use 10 LED modules to form a minimum cylinder diameter of 1019mm

P4 flexible led module bending angle (2)

Schematic diagram of module bending arc: concave and convex LED screens can be bent ≥162°

4.3 Features of Outdoor Flexible LED Module

(1) Module standardized size design 320X160mm, low current, low heat, high contrast, high refresh;

(2) The bottom shell is equipped with 16 magnets, each with a magnetic content of 2500 GS, which makes the adhesion between the module and the box stronger. The height of the magnets is adjustable, effectively improving the flatness and use effect of the screen;

(3) Supports front and rear installation/maintenance design, and the front and rear waterproof processes meet the requirements of IP65 waterproof level;

(4) The module lamp surface is equipped with a protective mask to protect the lamp beads, resist reflection, and prevent solid dust from entering;

(5) The back cover of the bottom case adopts a honeycomb design pattern that is very visually aesthetic: the back cover of the bottom case is removable for easy maintenance, better protects the components on the back of the module from damage, and prevents water from entering the module;

(6) The anti-fall safety rope is used in combination with reinforced magnets to improve the safety level and prevent the module from falling due to strong wind in the environment or professional installation at high altitudes;

(7) The PCB board is made of flexible board, and the bottom shell is made of silicone material, which has good flexibility and eliminates static electricity;

6. Customer Case

Sphere LED screen

Sphere LED Display

P4mm Outdoor Flexible LED Screen

flexible LED screen-iron cabinet

Curved LED Screen-Customized Iron Cabinet

cylinder led display

Cylinder LED Display Screen

7. Conclusion

Want to create a Flexible LED display screen that can quickly attract people’s attention? P4mm outdoor flexible LED screen allows the creative display to move from indoor to outdoor areas.

UNIT LED provides you with full creative LED display solutions and P4mm outdoor ultra-thin flexible LED screen at factory price! Just contact us!

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