Arc Outdoor Rental Transparent LED Display

High Transparency

High transparency; maximum transmittance can reach 71%. can be easily installed on the original glass curtain window wall without any additional steel structure. Another simple and excellent display format

Perfect Cabinet

Excellent cabinet design with hands handle, fast lock, adjustable angle lock, power syns point, signal syns point, power in, signal in, and power box.

Adjustable Angle Cabinet

Adjustable angle, high precision, minimal assembly error, the bearing capacity is stronger, and a giant screen with a height of 30 meters can be assembled.


The product box is made of die-casting aluminum, which has the characteristics of lightness, thinness and firmness. CNC precision machining, high precision, can realize seamless splicing. the size is 500*1000*80mm.

Support Curved Screen

It can be installed and hoisted. The horizontal connection lock of the box can adjust the angle of positive and negative 15° , and it can be combined into a curved screen to meet the viewing angle of more than 200°

Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance design allows module replacement from the front. using the quick-disconnect module, front-front maintenance or rear-screen maintenance can be done, reducing maintenance costs.

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