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Unit GOB LED display, as the newest generation of high protective-capability LED display screen, features higher protection ability compared with traditional SMD LED display and better-displaying uniformity. Now, follow us to know more about this innovative and strong LED display!

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GOB LED Display - High Protection Level

Unit GOB LED display applies new packaging technology. By using a new kind of transparent materials to package the PCB surface and packaging units of the module, the whole LED module is able to resist UV, water, dust, crash, and other potential factors that may cause damages to the screen better.

High Waterproof Level

The module surface can reach IP68 waterproof level due to the unique gluing technics which can prevent the modules from moisture and water entering effectively.

Anti-crash Ability

GOB high shockproof

Our GOB LED display can resist crash and bump that may cause damages to the LED lamp lights efficiently.

This can benefit the LED screen installed in places where people can access the screen surface easily. For example, elevators, shopping malls, fitness room, shopping mall, subway, auditorium, meeting/conference room, live show, event, studio, concert, etc.

High Dust-proof Level

The dust can cause great damages to the inner components and play effect.

For instance, the brightness may be degraded from 30% to 70%, and the dust might disorganize the running of the color wheel that play the important role in color display.

Good Play Effect

Unit GOB LED display has high play effect no matter considered from the surface technics and actual play performances.

The module technics have high similarity to SMD LED display, which not only enables the high-standard play effect but also improves the performances further.

Suitable for Fine Pixel Pitch LED Inherently

GOB LED modules are mostly applied for fine pixel pitch LED displays with pixel pitch below 2.5mm.

The module technics are somewhat like SMD LED modules, which fit many types of LED display screens from large pixel pitch to small pixel pitch, conventional LED screens to flexible LED screens, and indoor LED display to outdoor LED display.

Flat Surface Eveness

The transparent glue should be padded accurately to cover the surface of lamp lights and also fill in the gaps fully.

At present, the gluing technology is mature, and high surface evenness without irregularity like small pothole is a basic requirement for the qualified GOB LED module.

Great Matt Effect - High Contrast

After the dual optical treatment for the PCB board and SMD lamp beads, the great matt effect on the screen surface can be realized.

The matt effect can benefit the contrast to let the LED board be more pleasing to the eye, and perfect the display effect.

Wide Viewing Angle

The viewing angle can be up to 180 degrees without a mask.

A wide viewing angle makes the content reach people from more angles, and shorten the viewing distance.

Aging Test

The LED display module before potting glue only needs aging test that lasts for four hours, but for our GOB LED display module, the aging test should last for at least 24 hours to ensure stability so as to decrease the risks of reworking as much as possible.

We have professional staff, aging workshop and machines for the reliable aging test.

High-quality Components

Our GOB LED displays are made of high-quality components including high-standard PCB board, world-famous LED lamp beads, driving card, glue, and so on.

For instance, the solder paste needs to reach a specific temperature to guarantee the soldering is rigid. And we use LED lamp beads produced by world-renowned big companies such as Nationstar and Kinglight.

TypePixel PitchLEDModule ResolutionIC NumberBrightness(Nits)Module Size(MM)Driving Mode
320X160 SeriesP1.25mm1010 (Black LED)256*12896600-800320*1601/64Scan
P1.538mm1010 (Black LED)208*10484600-800320*1601/52Scan
P1.667mm1010 (Black LED)192*9672600-800320*1601/64Scan
P1.839mm1515 (Black LED)174*8752600-800320*1601/58Scan
P1.86mm1515 (Black LED)172*8666600-800320*1601/43Scan
P2mm1515 (Black LED)160*8060600-800320*1601/40Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)128*6448800-1000320*1601/32Scan
P3.076mm2121 (Black LED)104*5242800-1000320*1601/26Scan
250X250 SeriesP2.604mm1515 (Black LED)96*9654800-1000250*2501/32Scan
P2.976mm2121 (Black LED)84*8454800-1000250*2501/28Scan
P3.91mm2121 (Black LED)64*6448800-1000250*2501/16Scan
240*240 SeriesP1.875mm1515 (Black LED)128*12848800-1000240*2401/64Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)96*9654800-1000240*2401/32Scan
Other SeriesP2mm1515 (Black LED)128*6448800-1000256*1281/32Scan
P2.5mm2121 (Black LED)64*6424800-1000160*1601/32Scan
P3mm2121 (Black LED)64*6424800-1000192*1921/32Scan

GOB LED display can be one of your best choices for LED display screens that will be used in places where people can access the surface easily, and in environments where water and dust may lead to damage to the modules.

At the same time, it owns an excellent viewing effect thanks to the high contrast, high brightness, and flat surfaces. If you want to know more about this powerful GOB LED screen, just send us a message!

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