UNIT MA960 Indoor/Outdoor LED Display with Customer Case

Unit MA960 LED display is the latest multifunctional LED display with standard size 960*960mm for both indoor and outdoor, fixed and rental applications with various pixel pitch available.

Unit LED ensures MA960 series LED display with stable performance and reliable quality with driving chip 2038S, MDI5124, Nationstar LED lamps, perfect panel design, and more. This is no doubt a product that deserves you to have a know!

MA960 outdoor LED display screen

Perfect Cabinet Design

MA960 led display cabinet design

MA960 series owns humanized design that balances aesthetic and pragmatic specialties. The fast lock and signal connector ensures the quick and easy installation without gab, with convenient handle people can move it easily for maintenances.

The door key, stable cabinet frame all give MA960 series LED cabinet more stability, make you run your LED display screen without worries.

Reliable Material, Long Working Life

MA960 LED display raw materials

Unit MA960 series adopts die casting magnesium alloy that is light and owns high resilient to environment conditions.

What is more, it uses high-quality driving chips, power suppler, LED lamp lights, etc.

All these enable MA960 series long working life of at least 10000 hours.


MA960 LED screen seamless splicing

This LED cabinet is assembled by LED display modules with standard size 320*160mm, and the module is flat, standardized and has high uniformity to show the pictures and videos perfectly.

Light Weight with Thin Thickness

light weight MA960 LED display screen
thin thickness 87mm of unit led display

Super light weight with only 24kg for indoor LED cabinet and 26kg for outdoor LED display. The thickness is thin with only 87mm.

The light and thin cabinet can save customers transportation fees and storage costs, also makes installation and maintenances easier and faster.

High Precise Assembly

Unit MA960 series cabinet can be adjusted from six directions – right or left, up or down and front or back, accounting for its unique lock design, supporting seamless and flat cabinet alignment.

Every MA960 LED cabinet can meet the installation requirement to the nearest millimeter, which breaks the limitation of installation site.

high precise assembling of MA960 LED display board

Wide Viewing Angle

MA960 series indoor and outdoor LED display has super wide viewing angle up to 160°, supporting better visual experiences.

wide viewing angle of MA960 unit outdoor LED display screen

High Brightness, Wide Grayscale, High Definition

The high brightness which can up to 6500cd per square meter enables it can show pictures clearly even under direct sunlight.

Moreover, 14bit grayscale allows delicate image quality without chromatic aberration, reviving the real color.

High definition ranging from 10000 to 62500 pixels/sqm gives audiences excellent visual experiences.


Various Pixel Pitch

Unit MA960 series LED display screens provide a range of pixel pitch for customers to choose including 2.5mm, 3.07mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc.

The popular pixel pitch includes P4mm and P5mm for indoor LED display, and P6.67mm, P8mm and P10mm for outdoor LED displays that can be suitable for most common application scenarios.

In conclusion, the wide range of pixel pitch can meet customers’ specific requirements based on specific conditions and needs.

Quick Installation and Maintenances

Unit MA960 indoor and outdoor LED display is easy to assemble and disassemble with its fast lock, quick connector and light weight of only 24/26kg, which can save you a lot of time and energy.

installation of MA960 Outdoor LED displays

Support Multiple Installation Methods

Unit MA960 series supports multiple installation methods including hanging and stacked. It can also serve as perimeter LED screen for sport stadium and shopping mall.

The multiple installation methods also enlarge MA960 series the possibilities of catering to multiple applications, which can save customers’ costs for those whom want to have one screen for multiple use.

multiple installation MA960 UNIT LED display

The applications the screen is suitable are diverse such as shopping mall, square, sport stadium, building wall, school, church, advertisement, highway, classroom, reception desk, etc.

applications for LED display boards


Customer Case - P5mm Unit MA960 Outdoor LED Screen to Japan

  • Country: Japan
  • Cabinet Height: 1920mm
  • Cabinet Weight: 9600mm
  • Cabinet Size: 18.432㎡
  • Pixel Pitch: P5mm
  • Module Resolution: 64X32dots
  • Module Size: 320X160mm
  • Cabinet Size: 960X960mm
  • Cabinet Material: Die Casting Magnesium Alloy
  • Density: 40,000 pixels/sqm
  • Refresh Rate: ≥960Hz
  • Working Life: ≥10,000hours
  • Protective Grade: IP65
Unit MA960 series outdoor LED panels customer case
high precise assembling of MA960 LED display board

For more about this functional and high-quality LED display screens, just turn to Unit MA960 series indoor/outdoor LED display!

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