UNIT P3.91mm Transparent LED display Video Show

UNIT Transparent LED display with P3.91, P4.81, P7.81 available, Super High transparency rate. Standard cabinet size with 500*500mm or 500*1000mm for choose This excellent LED display in the video use 8pcs P3.91mm Transparent LED screen cabinet with size 500×1000mm. The display effect is amazing and perfect.

High transparency

UNIT Transparent LED display with High transparency with Over 60% transparency rate for front and back. perfect cabinet design for special application.
unit transparent led display
unit transparent led display

Delicate Structure

UNIT Transparent LED display Cabinet is designed with delicate structure and the the cabinet is ultra thin, ultra light and strong. the tickness is only 40mm thickness.
unit transparent led display
unit transparent led display

Fast lock design, Easy Installation

With fast lock design, Unit transparent LED screen allows for easy assembly and disassembly. It is very easy for cabinet connection in just a few seconds.
unit transparent led display

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