P5 LED Video Wall Display Rental In Portugal

With the innovation and development of LED display technology, LED video wall display rental is frequently used in many fields. High refresh, clear picture quality, good color reproduction, stable performance. These features make more customers favor it.

Our display products are highly compatible and adapt to many different application scenarios. For example, MA960 in our commercial advertising LED display series can be used for large led screen rental. Today we will bring you a case of MA960 Series P5mm indoor rental LED display.

P5mm LED Video Wall Display Rental in Portugal

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Installation Country: Portugal

Module Size: 320mm*160mm

Pixel Pitch: 5mm

Brightness: 800-1000 cd/m2 (Nits)

Cabinet Size: 960mm*960mm*87mm

Maintenance Method: Dual Service

Cabinet Material: Magnesium alloy

Cabinet Resolution: 192X192dots

Cabinet Density: 40000 pixels/sqm

Cabinet Weight: 24kg/pc

Refresh Rate: ≥1,920Hz

Gray Grade: 14 bits

Application: Indoor stage

Indoor LED Video Wall Display Rental-MA960 Series

LED rental screens play an important role in large-scale events such as stage backgrounds, bar entertainment, wedding ceremonies, musical theaters, conference sites, and auto shows. Therefore, the stability of the led display is the most noteworthy aspect. Our rental screen series perfectly meets customer requirements for stability.

As the stage background of large-scale events, indoor LED video wall display rental plays a crucial role in creating virtual space and rendering the atmosphere. As a commercial led display, MA960 also has a good performance in the rental field.

Performance Index of MA960 Series Rental LED Display

1) Brightness, viewing angle, resolution

The indicators of brightness, viewing angle, and resolution of the Led display affect each other. UNIT 960X960mm Magnesium Alloy LED Display adopts the mainstream SMD 3IN1 technology, and all indicators have reached the industry standard.

By labeling LED devices, the high-density, full-color MA960 achieves wider viewing angles and better luminous performance.

2) Gray scale

Gray scale refers to the color hierarchy in which various colors have different changes between the darkest and brightest colors. Our rental led display grayscale is above 14bit. That is to say, our LED screens can display at least 16384 colors.

In a word, higher gray levels mean richer color levels and better color reproduction.

3) Contrast

The contrast of the display screen affects the visual imaging effect. With a high-contrast commercial rental led display, it brings vivid colors, clear and delicate pictures. If contrast is different, the effect of the conversion of dynamic content is also different.

4) Refresh rate

A high refresh rate means the display can repeat more times per second. In the naked eye, the picture does not flicker. And the transition between video and dynamic images is smoother. When using mobile phones, cameras and other products to shoot the screen, the picture will not be blurred and deformed.

Features of Indoor LED Video Wall Rentals

1) High stability

High-quality raw materials create a high-quality led display. The lamp beads, modules, and various parts of the box are all made of the best brands. MA960 series use best Driving IC such as 2038S, MBI5124, NATIONSTAR LED to ensure product quality.

Good products can work for a long period of stable work. Meanwhile, we offer a 3-year warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about quality issues.

2) Excellent display effect

UNIT indoor LED video wall display rental has high refresh rate, high contrast ratio and high grayscale. For example, the brightness of outdoor MA960 series led display is 5500-6500 cd/m2 (Nits). Even under sunlight, you can clearly see the contents of the screen surface.

It can display various types of information, such as icons, videos, texts, animations, pictures, etc. The refresh rate of up to 3840Hz makes the picture clearer. The viewing experience for the audience is better.

3) Various application fields

Various pixel pitches can meet individual needs:

Indoor led display: P2.5mm, p3.07mm, p4mm, p5mm, p10mm

Outdoor led display: p4mm, p5mm, p6.67, p8mm, p10mm

According to the completed solutions, MA960 can realize solutions such as football screen, indoor and outdoor stage rental led screen, advertising LED video wall, and so on.

4) Easy to install

A variety of installation methods are simple. Including fixed installation, hoisting, etc. If your profect requires rental installation, add fly rods, connectors and quick locks. At the same time, the MA960 series cabinets are equipped with high-precision locks. The alignment of the cabinet is precise and seamless splicing is achieved.


The Bottom Line

MA960 is a powerful and versatile indoor LED video wall display rental. It has a good performance in both stage rental and advertising. Contact us to get your best commercial rental led screen right now!

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