Wedding LED Display

LED screen for wedding can match different wedding scene styles and create different atmospheres. High-quality LED display creates your dream wedding!

LED Screen for Wedding

LED screens, color screens, inkjet paintings, and gauze curtains create a dreamy wedding scene. The gorgeous stage lights and dazzling decorations immersed the guests in the festive atmosphere of the wedding.


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Benefits of Using LED Screens for Wedding

(1) Excellent Visual Effects.

The marriage LED screen with a high refresh rate and high resolution plays videos with the best images or videos. Visually impactful images leave a profound impact on guests.

(2) Brightness

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding scene, the different brightness of LED screen for wedding ensures that the audience can see the screen content.

(3) Flexible Size & Area

The wedding LED display is flexible in size and area. According to factors such as the venue size and layout of the wedding venue, the LED screen can be spliced into any size at will.

(4) Versatility

LED screen for wedding is an important video communication medium for the wedding stage. In addition to displaying wedding photos, blessing videos, etc., it can also serve as an important platform for information transmission and guest interaction.

(5) Supports Multiple Signal Inputs

Multifunctional LED video walls generally support DVI, HDMI, VGA, and HD-SDI interfaces. The operation is simple and convenient.


What Can LED Screen Do for Your Wedding?

LED screen for wedding is mostly used to display wedding photos, MV videos shot by the couple, blessing videos from guests, etc at weddings.

wedding led display

(1) Play Wedding Video

During the wedding ceremony, LED screens show dynamic and static images matching the wedding links.

These materials include electronic wedding photo albums, blessing videos recorded in advance by relatives and friends, wedding reception videos, etc.

Through the clear picture of the marriage LED display screen, the audience present can sigh for the beautiful love. Guests can feel the joyful atmosphere in every aspect of the wedding.

wedding led display screen

(2) Create Dreamy Wedding Atmosphere

The combination of LED screen and stage lighting makes the entire stage become the visual center of the scene.

High-definition screens and colorful lights make the scene environment more gorgeous.

In conjunction with the wedding process, LED screens can make the wedding more touching through more exquisite backgrounds, giving guests perfect visual enjoyment.

marriage led display

(3) Show More Wedding Details

The large LED screen is connected to the camera equipment at the wedding site.

Through the presentation of wedding details on the LED screen, guests can see the details of the wedding more clearly.

It makes the wedding more watchable. For large wedding banquets with many guests, wedding LED screens allow more people to feel involved in the wedding ceremony.

UNIT Wedding LED Display Solutions

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MY Rental LED Display

Your wedding is no doubt one of the most important and exciting moments in your life. For this special day, you may want to make it looks perfect by decorating your wedding with flowers, romantic lights, or other decorations and making the food tastes great.

Likewise, There is one additional great effort for you – a wedding LED display that can make your wedding more memorable and colorful. There are just somethings you need to know.

Table of Contents

1. 9 Reasons for Choosing Wedding LED Screen

1.The High-quality Display

We will need some display device to show our meaningful moments with our family and friends at the wedding, maybe some precious pre-wedding video clips such as the first anniversary of the couple and the childhood pictures with family members or friends.

Rental led display can be a great choice to show these invaluable moments as it can bring you colorful and vivid images with the best resolutions and the most appropriate brightness no matter the ceremony is held indoor or outdoor.

The high brightness and high resolution enable the LED display can display clear even under direct sunlight and meet mass viewing at the same time, bringing you enjoyable visual experiences.

Moreover, a couple can also record a welcome video before the wedding for the guests which can leave a great impression. These ideas can not only touch the heart of every attendee but also make them find pleasures in the wedding.

LED screen for wedding 9 reasons why you need one

2.Great Conveniences

You can place your LED displays anywhere without putting too much effort to adjust it. It is adjustable and customizable as it can be built according to the required size.

The only thing you need to do is just tell the sizes of the location to the people you can rent a LED display screen from and they will tell you the recommended options.

This display can be more creative if you like, for example, it can be a curved flexible LED wall to show the images in a clearer manner no matter what angle the audiences have.

The guests who sit at the back can also watch everything that is going and have a pleasant time.

Besides, a LED screen for the wedding can bring you more pleasures that other devices can’t do. We will discuss them in the following content.

3.User-friendly Features

Operating a LED display wall can be easy and straightforward.

There are no sophisticated principles but simple steps for you to connect your screen then display the content you want and use the multiple functions. You can even run your display just on your mobile phone.

Another great point about wedding LED displays is that you always have different connection options such as DVI, HDMI, VGA and HD-SDI, and it can support almost all kinds of media formats.

LED screen for marriage have user-friendly features

4.Luxurious Ideas

A wedding LED wall seems like one of the most luxurious parts a wedding could have, even though it is not that expansive.

Just imagine, with the colorful, beautiful and warm atmosphere the LED screen can create for you, this wedding can be like a fairy tale, leaving all people an everlasting impression, and all guests will enjoy the wonderful moments.

Those who aim to have a fancy wedding will leave themselves and their guests with a great deal of happiness and entertainment.

LED screen in wedding

5.Unlimited Content Possibilities

As the related technology is advanced now, you can display almost all types of content you can imagine on the screens.

However, aside from it is a medium for displaying your wedding videos, you can use it as an interactive interface, too.

For instance, you can display the countdown, or special announcements and other useful information on it.

Besides, the events planners can have great benefits, for example, they can adjust wedding LED display as a backdrop of the couple when they are speaking or adjust is in a beautiful curved LED wall anywhere they find suitable.

LED dance floor will light up when guests stepping on it. This can contribute to the extraordinary experience related to audios and visualization.

6.Energy-saving Functions

Though LED video display can be large, it doesn’t cost much energy as it seems like. It has less electricity consumption compared to traditional TV screens or plasma screens.

You can keep the wedding LED video wall screen working for hours without worrying about much electricity consumption.

7.High Flexibility

The best thing includes, wedding LED wall can be operated in every weather and every outdoor setup due to the high adaptability, even the direct sunlight won’t affect its visuals shown on the screen.

Thus, it is considered as the most flexible and reliable to be used for a fancy wedding.

8.Adequate for Mass Viewing Simultaneously

If you choose a projection or TV for your wedding, they may not meet the requirement for the mass viewing simultaneously as the viewing distance.

With the use of LED video wall, you can ensure the guests who sit at the back can still watch what is going on at all times.

Additionally, people love to share cool things on social media and a LED screen can convenient them to make videos, and your guests can even live stream the wedding. All these will make your wedding a fabulous experience.

Wedding LED screen


There are different prices for wedding LED screens and they depend largely on the LED screen size.

And lots of options will provide for you to choose the most appropriate one according to your budgets and demands as there is a wide range of LEDs that can be selected.

Besides, it is expected that LED walls will have a decrease in cost as compared to projectors because of the less maintenance requirement in the long-term.

2. What Can Wedding LED Video Wall do for You?

At weddings or major celebrations, led screens can play an important role in creating a romantic atmosphere, playing music, memorial videos, and so on.
High-quality wedding-led video wall screen for guests presents a high-definition delicate picture. The huge screen wowed everyone.

1. Play Memorial Video

Whether it’s an open-air or indoor wedding, the led screen for weddings can play anything you want: a slideshow of the bride and groom’s anniversary, a video of friends wishing you well, etc.
Our wedding-led screen is designed to present clear, high-quality images. Both indoor and outdoor do not affect the visual effects of these screens.

2. Create a romantic atmosphere

The UNIT wedding screen supports a variety of signal transmissions, they are compatible with DVI, HDMI, VGA, as well as HD-SDI. Music, lighting equipment, and led screen at weddings can make your wedding scene into a dream place.

3. Meet shooting needs

In addition, the indoor small pitch-led display screen can meet your wedding photography needs. Different background images on the screen can provide different scenes to shoot.

The Led screen for weddings is huge. It can display whatever you want, while easily attracting the attention of your guests. Therefore, it can be your perfect wedding can be the biggest helper!

3. The Functions of Wedding LED Screen

(1) Before the couple arrives at the hotel, play an electronic photo album or video composed of the couple’s wedding photos and love history.

(2) After the couple arrives at the hotel, the large LED screen can play the highlights of the wedding process. On-site guests can feel the joyful atmosphere during the wedding process through the clear LED screen.

(3) Use LED to play dynamic and static images matching the wedding during the wedding ceremony. These pictures can be film and television materials, or videos that have been shot in advance.

(4) Use the LED large screen to play the MV produced in advance for the newcomers. For example, videos of blessings from parents of both parties to the bride and groom, blessings from friends who cannot attend the wedding, etc. ​

(5) The LED screen is connected to the camera equipment at the wedding site. The wedding LED display presents more wedding details. More guests can see the details of the wedding and feel the joy and beauty of the wedding.

(6) Large-scale wedding sites with many guests can install multiple screens to achieve multi-screen linkage.

4. UNIT LED Screen for Wedding

NG500 Rental LED Display

5. FAQs of Wedding LED Display Screen

(1). Is the bigger the wedding LED screen, the better?

When choosing an LED screen, in addition to considering the screen area, the screen ratio is also a factor that affects the picture effect. Generally, the mainstream screen ratios in the market are 4:3 and 16:9.

In general, many factors must be considered when setting the size and proportion of a marriage LED screen. For example: venue size, wedding venue design, budget, etc.

(2). Whose screen is better? From the hotel or the wedding company?

Some hotels will bring their LED screens, most of which are P4 and P5mm. Because this kind of screen is mostly embedded in the hotel wall, it is not easy to get a gorgeous layout scene.

But it is cheaper. The cost of using the display screen is generally included in the venue rental fee.

Wedding LEDs are relatively expensive, but the picture quality is better. The screen can create exquisite scenes according to the site design plan.

On the premise of ensuring the construction time, debugging is also more complete! With a sufficient budget, wedding companies can provide you with more options.

(3). Where should the wedding LED screen be placed?

Wedding LED screens can be placed in the middle of the stage or on both sides. The stage screen in the middle serves as the visual center of the entire wedding scene and can firmly capture the audience’s attention.

However, the backlight characteristics of the screen also place higher requirements on photography and lighting.

If the wedding venue is large, you can consider installing screens on both sides of the stage to cover more guests.

For a more dreamy wedding scene or better live broadcast effect, it is more suitable to install it on both sides of the stage.

6. How to Choose LED Screen for Wedding?

The colorful LED display screen conveys the love of the newlyweds to everyone throughout the wedding process.

It expands the visual space of the guests, makes the wedding more fashionable and dynamic like a movie blockbuster, and changes the traditional wedding stage background design method.

How to choose the most suitable wedding LED display for different styles of wedding scenes? You should consider the following factors:

(1) Venue Size

If the wedding banquet is large and there are many guests, you can consider using a large-area LED video wall.

The large screen can transmit details of the wedding scene, wedding photos, and other images to the audience in high-definition images.

Even guests who are far away can feel the beautiful atmosphere of the wedding. If the venue is small or there is a lot of obstruction in the venue, you can consider whether to use LED as appropriate.

(2) Wedding Style

Choose whether to use a large screen or how large a screen to choose based on the overall style of the wedding venue.

Only by ensuring the harmony between the screen and the on-site layout can you create a dreamy and perfect wedding venue.

(3) Play Content

The marriage LED screen mainly plays wedding-related pictures or videos.

If you don’t prepare much video material or don’t plan to play videos, then a small screen is enough.

(4) Expenses

Choose the right size and pixel pitch based on your budget. Smaller pixel pitch provides more detailed visual effects.

In general, wedding LED screens create a good atmosphere and display more wedding-related images. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right screen.

UNIT LED provides a variety of marriage LED display solutions.

If you are not sure how to choose, please contact us. Professionals will provide you with the best display solution for your wedding.

The Bottom Line

Wedding LED display has many benefits as what have been mentioned above. Now you may have realized that it not only can satisfy the couple during the already unforgettable day, but also has ability to bring happiness to every attendees.

Most important of all, renting a LED display for your wedding may not be a big investment, but memorable moments can be valuable for a lifetime.

Hope you can have a wonderful wedding and enjoy an unforgettable day with all your loved ones!