Why Do Need 5% LED Screen Spare Parts?

With the wider application of LED Display, more and more issues you will find. In order to reduce the after-sale problem, we usually provide 5% LED screen spare parts for our clients, but some customers who have just entered the industry will say that we don’t need spare parts, remove them and give me a discount.

But actually let you buy more spare parts, not to sell more products, but to consider the convenience of after-sales, some accessories may be damaged during the operation of the LED display. If there are no spare parts to replace, it needs more time and cost to replace or re-purchase it, So we want to share this information with you:

Speak to the Spare parts of LED Display, it usually includes LED Module, power supply, receiving card, IC, LEDs, Mask, cable, and so on. 

LED Module:

It’s the most important part of the spare parts, mianly for the following reasons:

1.Each batch of LEDs, wavelengths and colors may be different. 

2.The PCB board may be upgraded or revised according to the development of the product. When the screen has been used for 2-3 years, this version may have been discontinued.

For these reasons, we usually provide advice to customers based on the following situations: one is the cabinet with the whole LED screen, and the other is to purchase the LED module/ accessories and assemble them by themselves.

(1) LED Screen Spare Parts for Whole Screen Cabinet

We generally recommend 5% LED display spare parts for the cabinet. The module of the cabinets has been aged for nearly 72 hours during the assembly and installation process, and the risk of damage to the module during the assembly process has been reduced, so 5 % of the spare parts are basically sufficient. 

But if you think this is not enough you can purchase more spare modules. 

led display screen, led display module is here

(2) For Purchasing LED Module/ Accessories

We generally let customers prepare 10-15% of spare parts because the modules are easily broken when the worker installs Especially small pitch modules. 

At the same time, we all know that it is very difficult to do color correction remotely. It requires not only a professional technical team, but also professional equipment such as light guns, cameras, etc. 

led screen spare parts

Drive IC/ LEDs:

If the LED module is damaged, such as dead light or virtual welding, it usually takes about half a month to a month to send it back for repair. And Considering some clients want to repair it on your local, we provide the spare part for LEDs/Drive IC, it can save time and avoid the color different.

Power Supply/ Receiving Card/ Mask/ Others:

After the LED Display has been used for a few years, due to chip shortage, technology optimization, many receiving cards have been upgraded, we may not be able to buy the same model of receiving card. These spare parts are prepared mainly to save time.

Regarding the mask, each batch may different in color, so we also provide about 5% spare parts. 

For power supply/ others, even if it is discontinued, there are other products that can be replaced, and spare parts are prepared just to reduce the time and cost of maintenance.

Client Case:

Let’s see one example from our USA client who ordered P10 outdoor module last year. The LED screen size is P10 outdoor display ( 6720mm×2240mm) and he ordered 8% spare modules, but the LED module is flooded and scrapped, so he purchased another spare module to replace the broken modules. He wants to use the new batch module together with the old one, but the module kits were improved not the same as last year, so we provide the solution as follows:

  • P10 outdoor module 320mm×320mm
  • 134 pcs old batch P10 outdoor modules+9 pcs new batch P10 outdoor modules
led board configuration chart
  • Put all the new batch LED modules (9 pcs ) in the number 1 Cabinet, to make the LED Modules of the same batch controlled by one receiving card.
  • Do not connect the network cables of Number1 cabinet with Number 2 or the other cabinet, and Number 2-14 used the same network cables.
  • Configuration files for Number 1 and other cabinets, sent separately. The other cabinet (2-14) has no need to change it, keep the same setup.

In summary, multiple LED screen spare parts are one of the most economical ways to solve the after-sales issue. If there is any questions, please contact us, we will provide more details for you.

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