Top 10 LED Screen Suppliers in China

When it comes to LED screen suppliers, which brand comes to your mind first? Thanks to the advancement of production and R&D technology, the types of LED display screens have become richer, and the range of LED screen suppliers for customers to choose from has become wider. LED screen displays are different from ordinary retail small commodities and have significant differences in price, transaction process, delivery time, etc. That is to say, finding a company with good service and quality products will save your engineering project a lot of unnecessary hassle.

How to find the most satisfactory one among many manufacturers? There are many LED screen suppliers in China. And when each supplier advertises that their products are of first-class quality, only a few manufacturers can keep their promises. With this in mind, it is necessary to learn about the LED display supplier. If you don’t know any reliable LED screen supplier, don’t worry. Just check this list of the top ten LED display suppliers in China, and you will know which powerful manufacturers can meet your needs for different application scenarios of LED screens.

China’s LED display technology has always been at the forefront of the world. The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has successfully made people all over the world feel the charm of LED display panels. The perfect LED display solution shows the professionalism of China’s LED display technology. So today we will give you a list of the top ten LED display suppliers in China. After fully understanding the characteristics of each brand, I believe you will have different harvests.

1. Leyard

Leyard is one of the most famous LED screen suppliers in China. Since its establishment in 1995, Leyard has been focusing on LED application fields, including the LED display screen and LED lighting. With high-quality products, leading technology, and first-class service capabilities, Leyard has established a good brand reputation in the industry. Its products have occupied a leading position in the global mid-to-high-end market, providing LED display solutions for many large-scale events at home and abroad. A good product image and satisfactory LED solutions have changed the international impression of low-end, counterfeit and cheap Chinese LEDs, proving the world-leading strength of Chinese LEDs. In addition to China’s domestic market, Leyard has achieved gratifying achievements in overseas market development. Its products have been distributed in 100 countries and regions, including Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

In addition to conventional LED display products, Leyard also provides LCD products, conference all-in-one machines, etc. Among them, the fine pixel pitch LED display has a good evaluation in the industry. Leyard’s company positioning is to become a leading pioneer in audiovisual technology. With the help of LED displays, let the world feel the power of China. Its business layout covers four major areas: intelligent display, night scene lighting, cultural tourism, and VR entertainment. In general, Leyard is a powerful LED display supplier with a good reputation in the whole world. If your project needs a high-end led display to assist, and you have enough budget, Liard is a good choice.

2. Sansi

Sansi is rated as one of the world’s second-largest LED screen suppliers by foreign media. Compared with other brands, Sansi is most proud of its comprehensive R&D team consisting of more than 500 people. Its self-developed LED display and LED lighting series products have occupied a high share in the market of similar products.

Industry experience is one dimension that determines whether a company is trustworthy. Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. For more than 20 years, he has been committed to researching LED application technology. Its business scope involves intelligent display, intelligent traffic signs, LED lighting, and smart system. There are many types of LED video walls, among which the high-density LED small-pitch display technology has won many praises. Sansi Group has successively undertaken projects. Such as stage screens for the opening and closing of the Shanghai World Expo, three batches of LED full-color screens in Times Square in New York, and ultra-high-definition fine pixel pitch LED displays for the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

3. LianTronics

LianTronics was established in 2003 and successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market in 2011. Advanced LED display manufacturing technology and many authorized national patents make LianTronics a reliable LED screens supplier. LianTronics provides visual and digital LED display system solutions for many fields, such as energy, justice, transportation, finance, IT, etc.

As a mid-to-high-end LED display supplier, LianTronics provides LED products to global buyers. The VAII series fine pixel pitch display and VT series full-color COB micro-pitch LED display are famous products. With the investment of cost, LianTtronics’ VR 3D LED display technology has gradually matured. And they have created many excellent cases. The naked-eye 3D large-screen VR in Taikoo Li, Chunxi Road, Chengdu is one of the excellent cases.

naked-eye 3D LED screen

4. Unilumin

The headquarter of Unilumin is in Shenzhen, China. And it specializes in high-definition full-color LED displays. As an influential manufacturer in the LED industry, Unilumin provides global customers with integrated smart LED display solutions ranging from outdoor LED displays to small-pitch LED displays.

Unilumin’s display products are widely used in many fields. In addition to researching the manufacturing process of LED displays, Unilumin Technology also makes full use of its capital advantages. Combining VR, AR, MR, holographic imaging, and other technologies is an innovation to realize the combination of virtual and real, human-screen interaction. It provides comprehensive scene operation services for performing arts, media, etc. The application of “LED large screen + XR virtual technology” is changing the traditional film shooting methods.


UNIT LED is a professional LED screen supplier in China with over 11 years of industry experience. The LED display panel developed and manufactured by the company are complete in variety and diversified in the product structure. The LED display series covers both indoor and outdoor. Including indoor fixed LED display, outdoor fixed led display, rental LED display, HD LED display, flexible LED display, stadium led display, transparent LED display, energy-saving LED display, and more. UNIT’s products are used widely in public places, such as commercial plazas, government agencies, stadiums, transportation facilities, financial institutions, etc. It occupies a crucial position in the LED market.

Advanced production equipment and professional testing equipment ensure strict quality. The high production capacity ensures UNIT’s excellent delivery ability, which can meet the market demand of customers. It has exported LED products to more than 110 countries or regions around the world. And it has successfully served tens of thousands of projects for clients. Not only has accumulated rich experience but also won the praise of customers. The pixel pitches of LED modules are also very rich, covering indoor and outdoor. UNIT is your best LED module and LED display supplier. If you want to buy modules and accessories to assemble a complete LED screen by yourself, the UNIT LED will meet your needs.

If you want to know more about UNIT LED, please click the LED display screen to browse the official website. UNIT LED will be your best LED screen supplier.

6. Absen

Absen manufactures and sells a series of high-quality LED display products with vivid images. As a commendable LED screen supplier in the industry, it has exported LED video walls to America, Europe, Africa, and other countries. Excellent cases include presidential press conferences, China International Import Expo, World Cup, NBA games, Times Square in New York, etc. Its product categories are also extensive. Such as advertising displays (standard billboards, outdoor large screens, transportation hubs, digital signage), stage displays (public events, performing arts activities, TV broadcasting), commercial displays (brand chains, commercial complexes, themes Parks, exhibitions), data visualization (control rooms, radio and television studios), conference screens (government and enterprises, education industry).

LED TV wall, Mini LED, high-definition conference LED display, outdoor advertising display have good display effect. In addition, Absen also has a certain market share in LED rental displays. At present, Absen Group has many branches abroad. It has matching LED display production equipment and professional staff. Perfect production, sales, and service teams provide a strong guarantee for standardized production and fast delivery.

7. Ledman

Speaking of the most popular LED screen supplier, we have to mention Ledman. Ledman focuses on ultra-high-definition LED display screens. And it is the first listed company with high-tech LED display screens in China. Since 2004, Ledman has gradually become the industry pioneer of 8K ultra-high-definition LED giant screens. It has established a strategic cooperative relationship with China’s aerospace industry. Ledman focuses on high-end LED display products, with 8K Micro LED ultra-high-definition display products based on COB technology as the leader, helping 5G+8K development.

If you are interested in high-definition displays, you can search Ledman’s official website for related products. Ledman provides COB micro-pitch display, giant LED screen, fixed LED display, rental display, creative display, and related solutions. In the field of high-tech LEDs, Ledman is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, application, and service of high-end LED products. Its products have played an important role in sports. Led displays are used in major sports events at home and abroad. “Five Rings of Ice and Snow” is one of the excellent cases. On February 4, 2022, Ledman’s “Olympic Ice and Snow Rings” creative display screen appeared at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

creative LED display


AOTO not only develops LED display panels but also develops led control systems and software. Its LED products are widely used around the world. Among them, 3D display technology and HDR technology are at the forefront of the industry. AOTO’s 3D projects have many excellent examples. AOTO’s LED series on sale can achieve a 3D display effect with its self-developed control system.

HDR, short for High-Dynamic Range. HDR can provide more dynamic range and image detail than ordinary images. AOTO LED display control system supports 10, 12bit video input. And it is compatible with both HLG and HDR 10 formats. The company is committed to providing one-stop intelligent display solutions for film and television, advertising, government and enterprises, digital creativity, and other industries.

As a reliable LED screen supplier, investment in R&D and innovation is also essential. AOTO attaches great importance to independent research and development, has laboratories in core cities, and has several industry patents. AOTO has participated in major sports events such as the 2016 European Cup and the 2022 FA Cup Final, providing courtside LED advertising screens and corresponding video solutions for the games.


At the beginning of RETOP’s establishment in 1997, it mainly produced LED modules and devices. In 2000, it developed to start developing and manufacturing full-color LED displays. After more than 20 years of precipitation, RETOP has become an influential LED screen supplier at home and abroad. Their products are widely used in stadiums, press conferences, optoelectronic centers, and other fields. And the LED products are exported to more than 100 countries at home and abroad.

It offers various LED video walls, such as indoor/outdoor fixed led screens. What’s more, RETOP has a production base of more than 200,000 square meters. A large-scale production base can ensure the quick delivery of goods. There are five major business sectors: advertising media, commercial display, stadiums, stage rental, and creative display. During 25 years, RETOP has created many perfect LED display solutions, such as providing corresponding full-color display solutions for a series of major events such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 13th Music Billboard Annual Ceremony. With a complete product system and first-class service level, RETOP has established cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Disney, Wanda Group, and BANK OF AMERICA.

10. LOPU

LOPU is the first company in China to develop and produce large LED display screens. After years of development, LOPU has not only continued to make efforts in the LED display industry but has gradually become a well-known system integration supplier in China. Its business scope is very wide, in addition to the LED display, it also involves the development and engineering contracting of related hardware and software products in the fields of intelligent engineering, computer information system integration, industrial automation control system, and other fields.

Small pitch LED display and rental LED display are the star products of LOPU. In the past two decades, LOPU has undertaken many major projects, including the LED display system of the Shanghai World Expo Space Pavilion/Jiangsu Pavilion in 2010, the parade float screen for the 60th National Day parade, and the LED display system of the Nanjing South Station of the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway. The company adheres to independent innovation and personnel training, provides customers with products with superior performance carefully, and has established a good corporate image.


In this article, we introduce to you the top 10 LED screen suppliers in China and their competitive advantages. Knowing the LED brand can help you quickly choose reliable LED screen suppliers. If you have any questions about LED displays or modules, contact us!

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