Stage LED Display

UNIT stage LED wall provides the audience with an impactful visual experience with the widest viewing angle.

LED Screen for Stage

Modern stage performances have become an important application field of LED displays. The stage background LED display is rich in expression. It has the incomparable flexibility of traditional scenery and also has some characteristics of lighting source.

Why Do You Need Stage LED Displays?

1. Enrich the performance content. As an extension and expansion of the stage performance, the LED screen greatly enriches performances. Combined with lighting, sound, and background video, people can get a more wonderful visual experience. Compared with the information conveyed by traditional scenery and lighting machinery, the information people get from images is more direct and vivid.

2. The giant stage LED screen broke the seat limit, allowing more audience to see the content of the performance on the stage. Therefore, for large-scale concerts and concerts, LED displays are essential.

3. Offer new perspectives. The audience can even see their reactions through the display screen, which creates a certain sense of freshness visually.

4. Excellent stage effect. With the help of the LED screen, the conversion of the picture can be completed in an instant. For example, the vast desert, the lush jungle, and the waterfall. The colorful and changing stage background brings new enjoyment to the audience.


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Several Ways To Use Your Stages & Event LED Screens

If your event venue needs to build a stage, then the LED display can make your stage more vivid.

stage led display screen (1)

Art Performances

The stage LED display of the large-scale cultural evening perfectly presents an exquisite stage effect in line with the needs of stage props and visual creativity.

(1) Combination of Technologies

The integration of LED display with stage machinery, projection, AR, and other means is the mainstream trend of stage design at present.

Concert & Theatre

(1) Present Vivid Stage Images

The huge LED video wall has an ultra-wide viewing angle. It provides the clearest and most vivid images for live audiences. It makes the stage performance more burning and more impactful.

(2) Create the Atmosphere

The combination of a dreamy stage and wonderful music can easily mobilize the atmosphere of the scene, making the audience linger and forget to return.

outdoor rental stage led display

Outdoor Music Festival

(1) High-quality Outdoor LED Display

Convenient rental series screen for easy management. Good waterproof performance and various installation methods make it widely acclaimed in outdoor activities.

(2) Create Shocking Audio-visual Experience

The Outdoor rental LED screen brings music lovers a wonderful audio-visual feast with ultra-high-definition visual effects.

New Product Launch

An important display platform for product performance

The LED screen is an important window to convey product features and functions.

With unique visual transitions and a combination of various technologies, novel visual effects bring audiences a more interesting viewing experience. Such as mobile phones, computers, cars, and other products.

stage led display screen (2)
esports stage led display

E-sports Competition

(1) No-delay Relay Player Operation

At the scene of major e-sports events, the LED display screen will simultaneously display the players’ operations in front of the audience through high-definition images.

(2)High-definition Picture Brings Immersive Viewing Experience

The LED display can be seamlessly spliced into a screen of any size. The clear picture not only meets the needs of the live audience but also meets the needs of live broadcast or rebroadcast.

UNIT Stage LED Screen Cases

stage background led display
stage led display screen (1)
stage background led display (2)


The LED display screen provides a rich background for your stage, combining realistic images and dynamic music to bring shocking audio-visual enjoyment. Whether it is an indoor performance or an outdoor event, the rental stage LED display will inject vitality into your scene.

UNIT LED provides a complete stage LED screen solution for your events. We provide various types of screens, including creative LED displays, rental led displays, etc.


Stage LED Display Screen: Price, Solution, Advice 2023

Want to create a good atmosphere for your big concert or outdoor music festival? Want to give the audience an immersive experience? Then don’t miss the stage led display!

Stage background led display is an important role in various stage activities. Today we will introduce some useful contents of stage led screen to you, including application, price, and solution.

1. Why Do You Need Stage LED Displays?

A stage led screen is a must for any planner who needs to stage an event. Whether it is a small wedding stage or a large concert, a led rental stage display can improve the overall visual effect of the performance. Specifically in the following aspects:

(1) Brightness

Compared with other types of advertising media, large stage background led display has the property of being luminous by itself. High brightness can better display pictures or videos.

This feature makes the led display screen very suitable for outdoor events and stage performances held at night. It helps to light up the entire stage for various events. With a variety of stage lighting, a large led video wall presents a beautiful picture to the audience.

stage rental led video wall

(2) Wider coverage area

For some large-scale stage performances or music festivals, a stage led display screen can help you divide the entire scene.

Audiences who are far away from the stage can see the content presented on the stage through the screen. A large led display on stage will provide them with good visibility.

At the same time, you can also live broadcast the entire stage performance. It can increase your audience and get more attention.

(3) Delivery of content in various ways

The high-quality stage rental led display supports various types of file playback: pictures, videos, close-up shots, audio, etc.

Technicians improve the picture quality of the display screen through a reliable control system and other supporting equipment. Then you will get a smooth display effect.

(4) Create an atmosphere

In modern stage dance design, LED displays, stage lighting, and audio equipment complement each other. The excellent stage design creates stunning visual effects and brings the audience an immersive viewing experience.

With the combination of VR, glasses-free 3D, AR, and other new technologies with led display, stage led display is gradually showing a variety of creative trends. But the most fundamental thing is to present a better stage performance effect to the audience.

(5) Interactive performance

The interactive led display can realize the communication and timely feedback with the performers. For example, when people step on the interactive floor LED display, a specific special effect animation will appear on the screen.

Interactive stage screens are widely used in dance programs at large evening parties. It helps to enhance the display’s representation of the performance.

(6) User friendly

Installation and operation of the screen are straightforward. It only takes a few simple steps to run the led screen to enhance visualization for your projects.

Besides, stage led rental screens can support almost all types of media formats. Such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, and HD-SDI.

(7) Dynamic Set Design

The LED display can play various types of media files smoothly. The high refresh rate and high contrast screen can play videos in various formats smoothly.

As the stage performance program changes, the stage background changes accordingly. It facilitates dynamic set design compared to static backgrounds such as curtains.

With the help of LED displays and powerful control systems, stage designers can quickly change stage backgrounds, virtual scenes, and common shocking performance environments that adapt to the mood and theme of the performance.

(8) Increase Audience Engagement

Stage backdrop LED displays promote audience engagement through interactive elements, real-time social media feeds, interactive games, or voting. Helps create immersive and participatory experiences.

For example, in company annual meeting lottery draws, campus art performances, singing competitions, etc., the audience’s words of support for the contestants can be scrolled under the large screen.

These interactive methods can arouse the audience’s emotions and allow them to concentrate on enjoying the performance or paying attention to the theme of the event.

(8) Technical Advantages

The high-quality LED display screen has high brightness, wide viewing angle, and energy saving.

Compared with traditional display technology, a large LED background screen with a wide viewing angle ensures that audiences far away from the stage can see the content on the stage through the display screen.

In addition, the easy installation and disassembly, lightweight, and convenient cabinet facilitate rapid stage construction.

And you can quickly move them from one place to another. This is also the reason why a rental LED display is called a portable LED display.

2. What is Stage LED Display?

Stage led display is a background video wall, which is used for indoor and outdoor music festivals, evening parties, and various cultural activities.

Its role is to provide the audience with visual content and create a good stage performance atmosphere. It can present and play various forms of content, from simple text and pictures to smooth and vivid videos.

The stage rental led display provides clear and vivid images. Its shape, size, etc. can be customized. It is more convenient to add vitality to your event site through the combination of various shapes and imaginative digital images.

Stage led display VS traditional led display

Next we will explore the difference between stage rental led displays and traditional led displays.

(1) Installation method

The installation of the stage screen is simple and convenient. After the event, you can quickly dismantle and transport it to the next venue. The traditional fixed LED display is not easy to move.

(2) Display effect

The large outdoor led billboard has a long viewing distance. The stage background led display may be photographed by camera equipment. It has higher requirements on the spacing and picture quality of the display screen.

(3) Cabinet material

The die-cast aluminum rental led display is lightweight and easy to disassemble and install. The portable cabinet is suitable for setting up indoor and outdoor event stages.

(4) Safety performance

The lightweight led display features an innovative and durable locking system. It combines safety with practicality.

3. What Can a Stage Rental LED Display Do for You?

Eye-catching visuals are the ultimate quest for event planners. Which product can make your event memorable and exciting? Stage led video wall can achieve your goal!

(1) Excellent visual effects

The stage led display provides the clearest images with an ultra-wide viewing angle. The screen has a high contrast ratio and high brightness for vivid images even during outdoor events.

(2) Rich performance content

As an extension and expansion of stage performance, a big led display on stage enriches the content of the performance. The audience can see the stage performance from multiple perspectives through the big screen, which has a certain sense of freshness.

(3) Customized size and shape

Depending on the number of spectators and the size of the event venue, the area of the stage rental led video wall varies. The length and width range from a few meters to tens of meters.

The customized stage background video wall fully displays the diversified creative content and presents a different style for your event.

(4) More income

The big led screen for stage can play sponsored advertisements. It is a chance for obtaining additional advertising revenue.

(5) Enhance the performance atmosphere

Play the pictures that match the program through the led display screen, and match the corresponding music to enhance the atmosphere of the scene. It will allow the audience to gain more sensory experience outside of the performance, which in turn will affect the psychological changes of the audience and give the audience a sense of being there.

(6) Realize changeable stage scenes

On the one hand, led screen for stage rental can realize more flexible scene changes and the completion of instantaneous screen switching. On the other hand, any display effect can be realized through technical means.

Nowadays, led stage rental led screen has become an indispensable role in various types of concerts, parties, and performances.

3.1 Functions of LED Stage Backdrop Screen?

(1) Create a Dynamic Background

Before dynamic screens were widely used on the stage, curtains were the most common background design. However, this kind of stage curtain is static, and the scene presented is also single and unchanging.

It cannot change different scenes according to the content of the performance, so the performance effect is compromised to a certain extent.

As LED video walls gradually replace screens, this situation has been greatly improved. In the beginning, the LED display screen only played the role of scenery, playing video materials and acting as a curtain.

With the advancement of technology and innovation in stage design, the role of stage backdrop screens has become more prominent. The flexible and dynamic background effects complement the performance content, bringing the ultimate audio-visual experience to the audience.

(2) Enhance the Atmosphere

How to create the most creative stage performance space? How to easily mobilize the emotions of a broad audience? How to render an immersive performance atmosphere?

LED displays, stage lighting, and sound are essential.

If you want to pursue a dreamy and energetic stage effect, dry ice machines and bubble machines can create a dreamlike performance stage for you!

Back to the LED display screen, it can play pictures that match the program first, and cooperate with the lighting and sound to achieve the purpose of setting off the atmosphere.

Delicate and realistic picture changes bring the audience a deeper sensory experience.

The audience can better understand the theme of the performance through the presentation of the stage background and achieve deep emotional communication with the actors.

(3) Enhance Visual Effects

Stage designers realize various creative stage design solutions by using LED displays.

For example, the T-shaped stage extending from the main stage to the auditorium shortens the spatial distance between the performers and the audience.

More and more large-scale parties or concerts use holographic LED screens on the front and both sides of the stage.

The screen that can be raised and lowered at will and the LED floor tile screen create patterns that echo each other, forming a gorgeous picture.

3.2 Technical Requirements of LED Stage Backdrop Screen

(1) High Brightness and High Contrast

The brightness of the indoor stage screen is 600-800 nits, which can meet the display needs of various indoor scenes.

The brightness of the outdoor stage rental screen is suitable in the range of 4500-5000nits. High brightness ensures that the picture can still be displayed clearly in strong light environments.

The high contrast ratio ensures that the screen can restore more picture details and provide good visual effects in dimly lit environments.


(2) High Refresh Rate

It is recommended to choose at least a high-configuration product with a refresh rate of 3840Hz or higher to avoid screen flickering. The higher the refresh rate, the lower the probability of flickering or jittering on the screen.

In addition, if the scene needs to be broadcast live or rebroadcast, the camera equipment will inevitably scan the stage background video wall. The audience may also use mobile phones or cameras to take pictures.

A high-brush screen can ensure that the picture on the screen still maintains good results in high-speed camera equipment.

(3) Thin, Light and Portable

The lightweight and portable box is easy to install and transport to adapt to different venue and stage layout requirements.

Most event planners don’t typically purchase large quantities of displays for a single event.

Rather than buying, renting a display from a professional stage equipment rental company is more cost-effective.

(4) Support Multiple Formats

Supports playing video, pictures, text, and other media content to meet different performance needs.

At the same time, it is best to support multiple formats of media files. For example, video file formats include mp4, mov, m4v, avi, etc.

(5) Good Color Reproduction

According to different stage effects, color temperature and color adjustment are required to present the best visual effect.

Good color reproduction ensures that the picture can perfectly present many details on the stage so that the picture on the screen is not distorted.

(6) Reliability and Stability

The duration of a large-scale concert or event is usually two to three hours.

First of all, reliability and stability ensure that the screen works stably for a long time and is not prone to failure. Performances or activities can proceed smoothly without interruption.

LED screen rental with dual power supply and signal backup can automatically switch to the other backup system when one of the power supplies or signals fails. The screen picture will not be interrupted.

For some stage scenes that require real-time broadcast, a dual backup LED video wall is a good principle.

Secondly, stage display equipment needs to be strong and reliable to ensure the personal safety of performers.

4. Several Ways to Use Stages LED Screen

High-quality led screen for stage rental has a high visual impact. In addition, it adds fun and vitality to the entire event site. It is used not only for decorative and display purposes but also for conveniently conveying information, themes, and other important details to the public.

You can see stage led screens in multiple scenarios.

(1) Large-scale performances

Gorgeous stage? Perfect performance? Creative design features? Led displays for the stage can satisfy your demands! In large-scale concerts, touring performances, and cultural performances, the led display creates a lively and interesting atmosphere for the stage, making the performance more appealing.

(2) Activities or events

During awards ceremonies, event openings, political rallies, and more, stage led displays provide an impactful visual experience. It not only enhances the sense of ceremony, but also conveys content related to the theme of the event through the screen.

(3) E-sports competitions

Led displays play an important role in broadcasting top events. The large area and ultra-high definition of the LED screen can better meet the needs of the audience to watch the game immersively.

To create a realistic and gorgeous game scene effect, some large professional game venues are even equipped with stage equipment.

Esport stage led screen

(4) Exhibition Hall

Building a background wall in the exhibition hall can better present the details of the exhibits. Such as car exhibitions, art exhibitions, etc. The high-tech stage background led display shows the unique lines and superior performance of the car. Obviously, the LED screen is more attractive than the poster.

(5) Wedding

The full-color LED display replaces the monotonous spray-painted poster background to present a more fashionable wedding stage to the audience and the couple.

At the wedding, the stage LED screen plays retrospective videos, highlights, and photo albums of the couple, adding to the romantic atmosphere.

The large screen displays dynamic and static images matching the wedding session.

These pictures can be film and television materials, or videos that have been shot in advance. All the guests can feel the romance of the wedding and the happiness of the couple.


(6) Product Launch

At product launches for mobile phones, computers, cars, etc.,

LED screens can play product promotional videos, display product features and technical specifications, etc.

At the same time, high-definition product pictures and effect displays allow the audience to understand the functions and features of the product more intuitively.


(6) Talk Show & Speech

LED screens are often used in talk shows to display background information, instant effects, interactive elements, and supporting visual effects required for actors’ improvisational performances, thereby enhancing the viewing experience of the live audience.

The speaker uses the LED screen to display the theme, key points, data, charts, and other content that is difficult to express in the speech.

It can be said that digital display tools can greatly enhance the expressiveness of speeches.

5. Innovative Applications of Stage Displays

With the maturity of the performing arts market and the diversification of people’s needs for stage effects, the traditional simple stage background led display can no longer meet people’s aesthetic needs.

Experienced stage designers combined with program content and various creative designs using LED screens will often bring surprising stage performance effects. The combination of LED display + emerging technology has become the mainstream of stage design.

(1) Creative stage led display

The way of modular splicing of the LED screen makes the stage shape more rich and changeable. The shapes of creative stage led displays are diverse. The LED display turns your creative ideas into reality.

The creative led display can better facilitate the realization of creativity and make the stage presentation more intense and impactful. The visual center of the dragon totem wrapped with an LED screen firmly catches the attention.

(2) Stage led video wall+mechanical device

There are many mechanical devices used in stage design: car platforms, lifting platforms, hanging, and so on. These installations are equipped with LED displays to produce colorful stage effects.

In addition, high-precision robotic arms are also used in stage performances. The LED screen can be spliced and rotated under the control of the robotic arm. Led display screens participate in the performance, making the stage an ever-changing three-dimensional and multi-dimensional space.

(3) Stage led display + holographic projection

Holographic projection technology can not only produce three-dimensional aerial phantoms, but also allow phantoms to interact with performers to produce shocking performances.

Through these technical means, performers can perform on the same stage as virtual idols. The pre-made video is played on the LED laid on the ground, and the visible light is refracted to the audience’s eyes through the transparent holographic film pulled at 45°. Virtual imaging technology and holographic projection have brought new forms of expression to stage performances.

(4) Led display+AR

AR technology is widely used in large-scale evening parties. From the initial high-list camera AR to the current 4K ultra-high-definition multi-cam AR, from the most traditional image rendering to the current “next-generation” production software, the stage quality is getting higher and higher.

Bamboo forests, a sea of clouds, jungles, and waterfalls, all these scenes can be presented on the stage. Use the telescopic arm to display the AR effect, adding a variety of spatial changes to the stage.

In terms of stage dance beauty, the LED display screen replaces the traditional hand-painted scenery, spray-painted scenery, etc., which improves the artistic appeal of the performance. With the addition of various new technologies, the stage led wall has gradually presented a variety of innovative forms.

The mutual cooperation of LED display and AR, VR, 3D, projection, and other technologies have emerged in the field of stage art, and the stage effect brought by it is even more shocking and amazing.

(5) Ice LED Screen

The development of LED display technology has brought more room for imagination to the current dance designers.

Whether it is LED transparent screens or LED heterosexual screens, they are all moving towards high-definition and high transparency in the field of dance design.

Direction development, while bringing a perfect visual experience, can not be limited by the performance venue and viewing distance.

The transparent screen can be hung in a variety of ways according to the stage situation, which greatly makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional LED display in this respect.

With its advantages of lightness and transparency, it is possible to easily create an overall depth and The stage effect with a strong sense of perspective and space.

After processing the video images, it can add more layers and dynamics to the stage, greatly improve the performance of the program, and cooperate with the real scene or background images to visually increase the authenticity of the stage environment.

transparent led wall in concert (1)

6. How to Choose the Best LED Screen on Stage?

(1) Best stage led display features

(2) Select right main screen and sub screen

big stage led video screen

The small stage led display only includes the main stage screen. It is best to use a screen with a smaller pixel pitch for the main stage screen. The main screen presents the most high-definition picture quality. And it will realize the live broadcast of the performance. It is recommended to use a display screen below P6mm for the main screen.

For large-scale concerts, there are many options for secondary screens installed on both sides of the main screen. Creative led display is a good choice. Such as an S-shaped curved screen, cylindrical LED display, Cube led display.

The extended screen is used for live performance content. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose a specification similar to the main screen. If it is limited, a larger pitch screen can be used. Because its audience is an audience that is particularly far away from the stage.

p3.91mm MA1000 stage led screen

(3) Lightweight and convenient cabinet

The thin and portable rental stage led display cabinets are convenient for transportation and installation. Secondly, it is best to choose a cabinet with a standardized size. Simple and quick installation saves time and labor costs.

(4) Powerful control system

A large stage rental led wall has high pixels and a large number of modules, so multiple control cards are needed to control the cascade splicing. A powerful control system is a powerful helper.

A video processor can help improve picture quality and achieve a more delicate and soft video playback effect.

What should pay attention to when designing a stage background?

(1) Consider the Purpose of the Screen

The stage backdrop LED wall for large-scale parties not only meets the viewing needs of the live audience but also meets the needs of live broadcasts or broadcasts.

Therefore, when designing the stage, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the display needs of the scene to select and place the screen.

If you only consider the visual effect of the panoramic presentation and ignore the mid-range or close-up shots required for television broadcasts, the visual effect will be greatly reduced.

Television camera operators can look for backgrounds with lower brightness or backgrounds with larger color differences on the screen as the background of the subject. This can achieve unique TV picture artistic effects.

(2) Ensure the Consistency Between the Stage Background and the Program

In order to pursue high-definition or extreme realism in the picture, some organizers will specifically choose a large number of real-life shooting pictures as the dynamic background of the stage.

For example, in song and dance programs, a large number of real-life scenes of natural landscapes or humanistic life are played.

This kind of live scene is too colorful, and the audience’s eyes are easily attracted to the stage background and ignore the actors’ performances.

Therefore, the video content of the stage background must be consistent with the program content and not overwhelm the show.

(3) Do not Abuse LED Screens

As the cost of LED screens decreases, many creators use LED screens extensively to pursue panoramic video stage effects.

Abuse of LED screens can cause light pollution and also affect stage lighting.

The lighting can give the entire stage a magical sense of space and layering, making the overall visual presentation richer and more interesting.

7. Stage LED Screen Price: How Much Dose it Cost?

Stage LED screen price varies from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Stage background screen price is generally calculated by the unit area of the screen. The specific price is related to the screen size, model, and configuration requirements.

(1)The cost included in the stage LED display quotation

Screen quotation

including the total area of the screen

Auxiliary equipment

including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor


System engineering

including steel structure, power wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs, etc.

It is recommended to make the conventional aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 for the stage LED display. The aspect ratio of the screen is relatively coordinated and the viewing effect is good.

(2) Factors affecting stage led display price

Pixel pitch

Different dot pitches have different pixel densities. Under the same configuration, the smaller the spacing, the higher the resolution and clarity, and the higher the stage led screen price.

Indoor or outdoor

The price of an outdoor rental led display is higher than that of an indoor, and outdoor led screen requires higher waterproof performance. In addition, outdoor activities require a display with high brightness. High brightness requires more advanced technology.


installation method

The installation method also affects the price. Fixed installation is generally cheaper than mobile installation because mobile installation requires additional materials (cabinets, flight boxes, etc.)

configuration requirements

Higher configuration requirements represent more cost input. The realization of standards such as high refresh rate and high brightness requires more investment.

Additional features

Additional features such as interactive LED floor tile screens, anti-moiré designs, and the ability to display 3D content can also add to the price.

After providing the screen area, viewing distance, and other information, the led display manufacturer can provide you with a detailed quotation plan for the stage rental LED display.

8. 2023 New Stage & Event LED Display Solution

(1) LED Rental Display Screen

The LED rental screen supports a variety of installation methods: ceiling installation, arc installation, right-angle installation, etc.

The thin and light cabinet and simple and fast installation and disassembly methods are very suitable for the rapid construction of various stages.

The box spacing is P1.953mm, P2.604mm, P2.976mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, and P5.95mm. The mixed-use of 500*500mm and 500*1000mm can meet more size requirements.

LED screen rental cabinet is currently the first choice for stage LED screens on the market.

Not only limited to indoor stages, but outdoor LED rental displays’ excellent IP65 waterproof properties and product performance can also meet the display needs of various outdoor stages.

Rental led display NG500/1000 series

ng500 rental led display

high-quality, high stable Rental LED screens with the features of ultra-lightweigh, ultra-thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more. From indoor to outdoor, or pixel pitch P2 to P4.81, P5.95, We always have a perfect product to meet your need.

High-end Rental LED Display MY series


high-quality, high stable Rental LED screens with the features of ultra-lightweigh, ultra-thin thickness, excellent performance, seamless splicing, and more. From indoor to outdoor, or pixel pitch P2 to P4.81, P5.95, We always have a perfect product to meet your need.

(2) Ice Screen/Transparent LED Display

Ice screen has special visual effects of high transparency and perspective. The LED transparent screen solution for stage design and performing arts injects new vitality into global performances and breaks the limitations of traditional performances.

It perfectly integrates background and stage elements to create a shocking and dreamy audio-visual feast for the audience and singers.

Compared with the traditional stage rental LED screen, the lightweight box of the transparent LED display is suitable for creating an immersive stage.

The circular screen suspended above the stage provides a good picture for the audience in all directions. The audience’s viewing angle and stage lighting will not be blocked by the closed display box.

More and more large-scale concerts use a combination of transparent screens and rental screens to create gorgeous technological stages. Compared with traditional LED displays, transparent screens give stage lighting greater creative design space due to their transparency and thinness.

(3) Floor LED Display

Floor LED display screens are used on performing arts stages to help enhance the immersion of the floor in the overall stage layout.

The floor tile screen is used in conjunction with the main screen, color screen, etc. to create a three-dimensional dynamic reality effect for the stage visual effects.

The interactive floor tile screen has a special sensing device.

When an actor moves on the floor tiles, corresponding interactive special effects can be presented based on the movement trajectory, such as water ripples, flower blooms, and other stage special effects.

At the opening ceremony of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, the stunning oversized floor tile screen brought a shocking feast of Chinese aesthetics to the audience.

The good load-bearing performance ensures stable and reliable stage visual effects for all cast members and props.


(4) Flexible LED Display

The LED stage screen consists of a main stage screen, a secondary screen, and an expansion screen.

The main screen usually uses a rental screen or a transparent screen to smoothly display the scene on the stage in front of the live audience.

For the secondary screen, you can choose some special-shaped LED displays with creative shapes. For example, cylindrical LED display, wave screen, curved LED display, etc.


Here we give some useful information about stage led display. Want to make your events more attractive? Want to get more business value? Don’t miss the stage led screen! Now you have already known a lot about it, just contact us to get your favorable quotation!