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New Generation LED Poster Display

Slim & Lightweight Design, Little Space to Install, Excellent Visual Display, Adjustable Back Bracket, Smart Cloud Management, Multi-installation Method.

High contrast unit led display
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UNIT LED display
UNIT LED display
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LED poster screen

LED Poster Display

Recently LED poster display is becoming increasingly popular in the LED display market.
To meet various needs, UNIT LED launches Iposter Series LED Poster Screen after years of development.
Unit new generation LED poster display screen with Wireless Cloud Management through Wifi or 4G control system.
Slim Cabinet Lightweight, Slim Appearance, Attractive Visual Display.
Poster LED Display

Slim & Lightweight Design

This kind of LED poster screen is specially designed to be lightweight, and the cabinet frame and LED parts focus on reliability and portability.
Most slim and lightweight designs make the product easy to move and suitable for use in narrow spaces.
One Person Job, Easy Transport, save labor cost & time.
LED poster Display

Excellent Visual Display

UNIT LED Poster Screen uses high-quality National LED to ensure High Refresh Rate and High Contrast Ratio.
The refresh rate is up to 3840Hz with high difinition with 5000:1.
Moreover, High Brightness provides viewers with perfect display effects.
back bracket of LED Poster screen

Adjustable Back Bracket

UNIT poster series LED Poster Screen is equipped with Hydraulic Back Bracket, which makes it stably standing on the ground.
This unique feature makes adjustable viewing angles available, allowing more audience to reach the content easily.
Back Bracket is easy to pull out when you want to support the LED poster, and put in when you don't need it.
LED Poster Screen

Unique Base-Standing Bracket

Base-standing Bracket makes the LED poster stand on the ground stably. The bracket is movable with 4 wheels,
which makes the poster rotate freely, and allows freedom of movement in all directions.
clound management Poster LED sign

Smart Cloud Management

Unit Poster LED Screen supports Synchronous & Asynchronous Control Systems. The LED screen content can be updated via iPad, phone, PC computer, or notebook.
Support Real-time Play, Cross-platform Publish, and USB or WIFI.
Support operation by IOS or Android devices.
Support Built-in Media Player to store and play content.
multi installation for LED Poster

Multi-installation Method

Unit Poster LED display supports Multi-installation Ways. This product is suitable for bracket-standing installation, base-standing installation,
lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation, and creative installation.
No need for steel structure, install the screen quickly and conveniently.
seamless cascade

Seamless Cascade

UNIT poster LED display supports a Seamless Cascade with multi screens to reach a large one.
UNIT poster LED screens can play as one big screen or separately.

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LED Banner Display Video Center

How to Install & Configure?

UNIT Banner LED Display Aging

Outdoor Double-sided LED Poster

The outdoor double-sided LED poster display is a high-brightness, waterproof and dustproof LED display that can be widely used in outdoor environments.

Features of Outdoor Double-sided LED Banners

(1) Double-sided Display: content can be displayed in two directions at the same time, improving information transmission efficiency and coverage.

(2) High Brightness: it can remain clearly visible even under strong sunlight, ensuring the visual effect of the content in outdoor environments.

(3) Waterproof and Dustproof: it has good waterproof and dustproof performance, adapts to various severe weather conditions, and ensures long-term stable operation.

(4) Remote Control: supports remote control and management, which is convenient for users to update and adjust the display content at any time.

Functions of Outdoor LED Poster Screen

(1) Advertising: used in outdoor advertising places such as commercial billboards and roadside advertisements to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles.

(2) Information Release: as a public information release screen, it is used to display traffic information, weather forecasts, event notifications, etc.

(3) Activity Interaction: used at outdoor event sites to display event information, participate in interactions, etc., to attract crowd participation.

(4) Commercial Places: used in public places such as shopping malls, squares, and stations to provide information display and advertising services.

Poster LED Display

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Poster LED Display Series





LED Type




LED Module Size




Resolution (WxH)




LED driving method


1 /40Scan


LED Module layout(WXH)








Display area




Cabinet size




Net. weight/set

48KG (ncluding Standing Structure)



Ingress Protection

Front IP40/Rear IP40




AC 100-240 (110%6)




Frontal or Rear service



DISPLAY Max.Power consumption




Avg.Power consumption




Viewing Angle(HV)





600~800 nits



Contrast ratio




Temperature/ Humidity

-10°Cto +40*C: 10% to 90%











Refresh Rate




Tech Support

Unit LED has a professional technical support team to solve any tech problem for you. Tech support covering installation, configuring, and anything about LED displays. Please check our contact us page.

1. What is a LED Poster?

LED poster, also known as Smart LED Poster Display. It is a LED display product derived from advertising machines. Poster LED display is a new type of dynamic advertising information release media. It can play still pictures and dynamic videos. Because of its rectangular shape, it is called an LED poster.

Features such as flexible screen display, seamless splicing, shock-sensing visual effects, and multi-screen cascaded playback make it popular. The poster LED screen solves the user’s application pain point for static pictures.

As a subdivision product of small-pitch LED display, LED poster display has attracted much attention from the industry since its launch. With the decrease in LED cost, led poster displays have a wide application. Such as supermarkets, department stores, shopping centers, event venues, lobby front desks, etc.

poster led screen

2. Why Do You Need a Poster LED Display?

As we all know, there are many types of LED display screens. Why do we recommend a LED poster screen to you? Do you want to add a different color to your event or project? Do you want to gain more commercial value? It is a good choice for you to consider the UNIT smart LED poster display.

(1) More Novel Visual Effects

The flexible and lightweight poster LED video wall has high resolution and good picture quality. Clear effect and flexible operation are its features. It can play your product close-up images, and dynamic video content smoothly in high-definition. Let customers have a good impression of your brand while having an excellent visual experience.

(2) Greater Commercial Value

In shopping supermarkets and specialty stores, the LED poster screen is light and thin, simple and fashionable. The smart LED poster can coordinate with the environment in the store while playing advertisements and discount information. To achieve the purpose of advertising while saving space.

At the same time, the led poster screen has a long service life and flexible control. The maintenance method is simple and easy to operate. These designs can save your investment cost and bring you more business value.

(3) Powerful Functions

The smart led poster has many powerful functions that are not supported by ordinary displays. Such as intelligent cluster control and multi-screen display. In short, the digital LED poster display has powerful functions and a good display effect. Choose an LED poster screen to breathe new life into your project.

3. The Features of Digital LED Poster

(1) Ultra-thin Body, Stylish and Simple

The digital LED poster with an ultra-thin body is designed for lightweight. The size of the poster LED cabinet launched by UNIT is 640×1920×35mm. The total weight of the screen is 45kg. The cabinet frame and LED components are reliable and portable.

The slim design makes the smart led poster display more fashionable and beautiful. This unique exterior design subtly combines technology and aesthetics.

(2) Excellent Visual Effects

High refresh rate, high contrast, and high brightness ensure the excellent display effect of the led poster. The refresh rate can reach 3840Hz. Contrast ratio up to 5000:1. In addition to the high-resolution display effect, the high-quality led digital posters can also play on multiple screens synchronously.

Digital-led posters can be installed in a multi-screen cascade to achieve seamless splicing. It supports simultaneous playback of the same video on multiple screens. As we can see, the powerful performance ensures the integrity of the output picture. It impresses your audience with more stunning visuals.

(3) Various Installation Methods

led digital poster consists of a screen body and back frame. UNIT smart LED poster supports multiple installation methods. Such as bracket standing, base-standing installation, lifting or hanging installation, multi cascade installation, and creative installation.

Moreover, the unique base bracket ensures that the UNIT poster display has great balance and stability. There are wheels at the bottom of the stand. It allows you to move it easily.

(4) Intelligent Cluster Control

Intelligence is today’s theme. Poster LED screen is the embodiment of intelligence in the display industry. First, it supports synchronous and asynchronous control systems. Second, it is easy to operate. You can update the screen content through mobile phones, iPad, laptops, etc.

Support a variety of Internet access methods: USB, Ethernet, 4G, and WIFI.

Not limited by system platform, support IOS or Android device operation.

(5) Convenient Design, Easy Maintenance

Poster LED screen adopts rear service. It is convenient for module maintenance. There is no need to disassemble the internal unit of the product.

4. Where to Use Smart LED Poster?

According to different application scenarios, a UNIT LED poster video wall can play a crucial role according to its product characteristics. Digital LED poster screen has a wide range of applications for indoors and outdoor places.

Indoor Poster LED Screen

(1) Retail store

More and more businesses use LED posters to play promotional advertisements, videos, and pictorials. In addition, it can also display product information and discount information to attract customers to consume.

Excellent advertising machines bring more traffic to your store and create greater business value. At the same time, the stylish and beautiful poster screen can effectively enhance the visual effect of the store.

(2) Building lobby

Office building lobby: can display various notices, public welfare information, welcome words, or guidance information.

Community lobby: can display property notices, weather forecasts, and other information.

(3) Hotels

Generally used in the hotel lobby. It can display prices, guidance instructions, facility locations on each floor, and hotel layouts. The led poster does not take up much space.

(4) Hospital

It can display various guidelines, medical diagrams, clinic distribution maps, and other information. At the same time, you can also teach people some medical knowledge.

(5) Restaurant bar

On the one hand, it plays advertisements to attract customers to consume. Generally, you can use it to promote new products. On the other hand, recommended dishes, banquet welcome information and discounted product information can be displayed.

Outdoor LED Poster

The application of outdoor led posters is in the bus station and smart city construction. At the bus stop, it can display bus operation information, date, weather, and other information. It is convenient for people’s daily travel and life.

The led display screen has occupied an important place in the construction of smart cities. For example, LED light pole screens and LED screen posters. The combination of display screens and other smart facilities will help create a better city.

5. LED Poster Display Price

If you are not buying led display products for the first time, you must know that led poster display price is not a definite number. We have mentioned in previous articles that there are many factors that affect the price of a display, so even for the same product, the money can vary widely depending on the needs of customers.

But in general, the led poster price is lower than other types of displays. It is determined by the production process, raw materials, and other factors.

Therefore, it is affordable to invest in a relatively cheap poster LED video wall.

Factors such as pixel pitch, lamp beads, power supply, and packaging methods will affect the digital LED poster price. So you can fill in the form above and describe your needs. Then our salesman will provide you with a reasonable quotation.

Because of the quality of raw materials, different brands, special needs of customers, and other factors, there are certain differences in LED banner display prices.

But in general, LED banner screen prices are friendly to most investors.

Advances in technology and other good reasons allow you to get great products at great prices.

Below we list some factors that affect LED Banner Display Prices:

(1) Technical parameters

Pixel pitch: The smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution, and the more expensive the price

Size: Large-sized LED banners are more expensive because they require more LED modules and supporting control systems.

Brightness: Screens with higher brightness are suitable for outdoor or strong light environments, and are usually more expensive than indoor banner LED displays.

Refresh rate: A high refresh rate represents a more powerful image effect. The cost of a high-refresh screen is greater than that of a low-refresh screen.

(2) LED raw materials

Raw materials such as LED lamp beads, drive IC, and power supply determine the quality of poster LED display. Good brands are more expensive. For example: Nationstar LED lamps,

(3) Packaging method

We provide three packaging methods: carton packaging, wooden box packaging, and flight box packaging.

(4) Customization

Whether there is customization demand will also affect the banner LED display price.

When you inform the poster LED manufacturer of your above requirements, they will give you a suitable quotation.

6. How to Choose a Suitable LED Poster for my Project?

According to a survey, in advertising, dynamic video gets 400% more views than static content. And they have a 47.7% impact on brand awareness. So, how to choose a suitable LED poster for your projects? Below is a selection guide.

(1)Indoor or Outdoor LED Poster

Outdoor poster LEDs have higher requirements for waterproof levels and brightness. The indoor poster LED screen does not need.

(2) Installation Method

Different installation methods have different requirements on the installation environment. At the same time, different installation methods require different accessories.

(3) Viewing Distance

Pixel pitch affects viewing distance. If the distance between the audience and the display screen is closed, the display quality of small-pitch products will be better. We recommend you choose P2mm or p2.5mm. If you use it in an event site with a large venue space, P3mm or p4mm is suitable.

(4)Rental or Buy

Don’t ignore the frequency of use. Permanent or occasional? For example, you need to use a poster LED screen to display your ad at an event. Then leasing would be the economical way. However, if you plan to use it for a long time or permanently, it is better to buy it.

(5) Budget

A smaller pixel pitch equals a higher price. We can provide you with a reasonable solution according to your budget.

And we have no MOQ, you can buy only 1 pcs.

7. Poster LED Screen VS Poster LCD Screen

The LCD advertising machine uses a liquid crystal display to play video advertisements. Most merchants place it next to the merchandise in the store. It stimulates consumers’ purchasing desire by delivering a full range of product information and promotion information to consumers.

In recent years, poster LED screens have gradually entered the advertising market. Next, you will see the difference between a poster LED screen and a poster LCD screen.

lcd poster 1
lcd poster 2

Poster LCD screens

(1) Display Technology

LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals. The LED screen is composed of light-emitting diodes. They also have different types of backlighting.

(2) Brightness

LEDs are brighter than LCDs. Therefore, LCD advertising machines are generally used indoors. And the high brightness of LED posters makes them have an excellent display effect outdoors.

(3) Perspective

The Led display offers wide viewing angles. Wide viewing angles allow more customers to see your ad content in different directions. At the same time, in addition to various texts, numbers, images, and other information, the poster LED display also supports the playback of various types of video content.

(4) Refresh Rate

LEDs have higher refresh rates and better performance in the video. The higher refresh rate makes the video playback smoother, and the picture does not freeze or flicker.

(5) Energy Consumption

The power consumption ratio of LED to LCD is about 1:10, and LED is more energy efficient.

8. Why UNIT LED Digital Poster

UNIT LED is a company that focuses on providing high-quality led products. We offer P1.86 & P2.5mm LED posters for sale (GOB LED Available). Our displays use industrial cutting-edge technology and premium materials to ensure good quality. By choosing UNIT LED, you can get high-quality products and excellent service.

(1) Unique Design

The ultra-thin frame and aluminum alloy case make it portable. The bottom bracket allows it to stand stably on the ground. At the same time, the stand has wheels. So you can move the display at will. UNIT’s led posters support multiple installation methods.

(2) Excellent Visual Effects

Our led poster adopts high-quality lamp beads and IC. The refresh rate can reach 2880Hz. And the brightness can reach 1000Nits. The high-quality raw materials ensure the good display effect of the product. Whether it is still pictures or dynamic videos, UNIT poster LED screens bring the audience a wonderful visual experience.

unit led poster

(3) Strong Delivery Capability

We have 8,000㎡ Factory Areas and 5000㎡+ Production Capacity. We have our factory and professional team. Production, quality inspection, delivery, after-sales. Each link division of labor and cooperation, in an orderly manner. Powerful delivery capabilities can meet your needs.

(4) Professional Technical Support

The professional technical team will solve the problem of led display screens for you. We also publish some technical articles on the website. If you encounter problems during use after purchasing UNIT LED display panels, contact us and our technicians will help you solve them as soon as possible.

9. Conclusion

In this post, you learned about the features, application fields, the price of poster LED displays, and how to choose the right one. Finally, we recommend the UNIT poster LED display to you. If you need it, please contact us. Our business staff will reply to you as soon as possible.