A Quick Introduction to P2.5 LED Module & P2.5 LED Panel

P2.5 LED module is very popular in the LED industry. With the advancement of LED display technology and the expansion of the led display market, P2.5 LED modules are widely used on various occasions that require high picture quality. Such as conference rooms, monitoring rooms, and other places that require close-up viewing distance.

1. UNIT P2.5 LED Module Recommendations

p2.5 indoor led module 160x160

P2.5 indoor led module 160mmx160mm

High Refresh rate indoor LED Screen Panel

High-quality full color SMD indoor LED display module

Including the Data Power Cables and 2 Years Warranty

Best Contrast and Color uniformity

P2.5 outdoor led module 160mmx160mm

High reliability and contrast,wide view angle and good consistency

High-quality full color SMD outdoor LED display module

Best Driving IC,such as MBI5124,ICN2038 with high refresh rate,high grey level with latest technology

240x120 p2.5 soft led module

P2.5 soft flexible led module 240mmx120mm

High strength compression resistance and anti-twist ability

Low maintenance cost, high brightness, low dead light rate, energy-saving, seamless splicing

It can be customized in any shape

Ultra-light and ultra-thin screen

2. What is a P2.5 LED Module?

In a word, a p2.5 led module refers to a led panel with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. P is short for pixel pitch.

What is pixel pitch? 

The pixel pitch directly affects the LED chip density and resolution of the LED display module. It refers to the distance (in millimeters) from the center of a pixel to an adjacent pixel. The dot pitch reflects the spatial distance between two pixels, so a smaller pixel pitch means higher pixel density and higher screen resolution. The picture below shows the difference between the P2.5 led panel and the P10 led panel. It will help you understand the dot pitch more intuitively.


What is the LED module? 

As we all know, the area of a LED video wall can usually reach tens of squares or even hundreds of squares. The giant screen LED screens consist of many LED modules. The modular design facilitates the installation, transportation, and maintenance of the large LED screen. More importantly, you can get large led screen solutions of any size without difficulty. Therefore, P2.5 led panel is popular in the led display industry.

3. Types of P2.5mm LED Module

According to different classification standards, there are many types of p2.5mm led modules. The detailed classification is for customers to better understand the characteristics and application scope of different modules. Only by choosing the right LED module can it give full play to its maximum value. Next, we will introduce you to some different types of P2.5mm led panels.

① Indoor/outdoor p2.5 led panels

Both indoor and outdoor p2.5mm led panels use high-quality led chips like Nationstar, Kinglight. It ensures that the led modules have good display performance.

However, their brightness and the lamp beads used are different. For example, the UNIT indoor p2.5 led panel adopts SMD2121 black LED, while the outdoor p2.5mm led panel adopts SMD1415 type lamp beads. The brightness of indoor modules is between 800-1000nits, and the brightness of p2.5 outdoor modules is over 5000nits.

② SMD P2.5 led modules

The packaging technology adopted is different, and the difference between the modules is also obvious. DIP (dual in-line Package) technology currently has a small market share. UNIT DIP Series RGB Outdoor LED Display Module adopts DIP346 lamp beads. Its brightness exceeds 7000nits.

For small pitch such as p2.5 LED modules, the more popular ones are SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) and GOB (Chips on Board). The SMD P2.5mm led module is made of various materials into lamp beads, and then the lamp beads are soldered on the circuit board using a high-speed placement machine. Because of the mature and stable SMD technology, low manufacturing cost, and convenient maintenance, SMD led screen is very popular.

160x160 p2.5 led module

160×160 SMD p2.5 led module

③ GOB P2.5mm led panel

GOB P2.5mm led module uses advanced transparent materials to seal the led light-emitting device. Therefore, GOB can effectively solve the protection problem of LEDs. At the same time, this material also has super thermal conductivity, which realizes moisture-proof, waterproof, and impact-proof. Compared with traditional LED modules, GOB LED panels can provide a more realistic color and visual appearance.

SMD vs GOB module

④ Flexible led panel

Soft LED display panels are often used to make creative LED displays. The p2.5mm flexible led modules have good display performance, high reliability, and the best color uniformity. Different from the traditional fixed-form led screen, with the help of a flexible display, you can easily create special-shaped LED screens with different shapes.

4. Features of P2.5 SMD LED modules

  • The display effect of the UNIT P2.5 SMD LED module is clearer and more delicate. Better than P4, P5, and P10mm screen display. High resolution, high contrast, high refresh rate, high grayscale.
  • High-bright LEDs and high-quality plastic parts can get a good display effect. There is no afterimage on the screen, and the unique mask can effectively reduce the appearance of water ripples.
  • Using SMD 3 IN 1 technology, the lamp beads have good luminous efficiency. The brightness of outdoor LED modules can meet people’s viewing needs in the sun.
  • It can be arbitrarily spliced according to the horizontal and vertical directions to obtain different sizes of displays.
  • Various sizes and support for customization. Wide range of applications.

5. What can P2.5mm LED Panels do for You?

High-quality P2.5 led modules are used in various display products. The types of displays that p2.5mm LED modules can be used for:

(1) Fine pixel pitch LED display

(2)Commercial LED display

(3)Poster LED display

(4)Soft flexible LED display


The compatibility of P2.5mm led modules with various display screens comes from its excellent performance and high protection level. Smaller spacing brings high-definition picture quality and wonderful visual effects.

At the same time, modules of various sizes can be adapted to cabinets with different sizes. Below is the size table of the UNIT P2.5 led module.

Pixel picth

Module types


Module Size(mm)

Module Resolution

Driving Mode







P2.5 mm

Indoor led module

2121 (Black LED)










Outdoor led module






Flexible led module









GOB led module

2121 (Black LED)









Additional instructions:

  • Buy our LED module. Accessories include data cable and power cable.
  • The LED module has strong compatibility and can be matched with LED control cards of Linsn, Novastar, Colorlight, Xixun, and other brands.
  • 2 years warranty, 5% free spare parts.

6. P2.5 LED Module Price Comparison

The price of outdoor P2.5mm led modules is higher than that of indoor modules. This is because that outdoor modules require higher protection levels. The requirements for waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, and UV-proof are more stringent.

SMD full-color P2.5 led module is the most cost-effective. Mature production technology creates high-quality products. It can adapt to most installation environments and meet the needs of the vast majority of customers in the market, so P2.5mm SMD LED modules have occupied nearly 80% of the market share.

As emerging LED packaging technologies, GOB and COB have not been fully promoted. Due to the more cost of materials and technology research and development, the price is slightly higher. However, high investment also brings high returns. It is undeniable that GOB p2.5mm led modules have some unique advantages compared to the traditional led modules.


P2.5 soft led modules have a high refresh rate and wide viewing angle. It is suitable for all kinds of creative architectural design schemes, such as hotel halls, bars, science and technology museums, playgrounds, theme restaurants, etc. Want to know more affordable soft flexible LED module prices? Welcome to contact us.

7. UNIT Indoor P2.5 LED Module Specification








View Angle


Test Cond.


SMD 2121






SMD 2121






SMD 2121











LED Arrangement



Driver Mode

Dynamic 1/32 Duty constant current






Pure Black mask-high contrast screen


3.Electricity Parameter


Optical Ratings





View Angle

140 degree ( horizontal)  140degree(vertical)


View Distance



Gray Scale

8bits input, correction with 16bits


Display Color



Brightness Adjustment

100 levels


Power Supply


Operation Power

AC100-240V 50-60HZ  Switch-able


Maxim Power Consumption

700 W/m2


Average Power Consumption

300 W/m2


Control System


Correction Scale Level



Frame Update Frequency



Screen Refresh Frequency



Gamma Correction



Support Input

Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, HDMI., SDI, HD_SDI

Control Distance

Ethernet cable 100m, optical fiber 5km


Support VGA Mode



Color Temperature

5000-9300 adjustable


Brightness Correction

dot by dot, module by module, cabinet by cabinet




Operating Temp.

-20-60 Celsius degree


Operating Humidity

10-95% RH


Operating Life

100,000 hours



5000 hours


Continuous Working Time

≥48 hours


Protection Level



Out of Control Pixel Rate



LED Display Module Aging Testing

The aging test is an important guarantee of the reliability of LED modules. It has been used to simulate a long-term working environment to test whether the LED display module will appear abnormal. UNIT’s LED modules will be packaged and shipped after they have passed the strict aging inspection process and are determined to have no quality problems.

LED aging methods include constant current aging and constant voltage aging. Constant current aging is in line with the LED current operating characteristics. Through such aging with a constant current source with adjustable frequency and adjustable current, many hidden LEDs that cannot be detected by conventional aging can be found.

Aging process:

  • Check the modules and boxes. Ensure that the installation is correct, there is no short circuit phenomenon, and the module has no bumps and scratches.
  • Light up aging. Lights up with an online control system. The test time lasted more than 72 hours.
  • Inspection indicators. After the aging test is correct, the quality inspectors conduct parameter index detection.

The test contents of the Led display and module include white screen, red, green, and blue monochrome, grayscale gradient, video effect, and text effect. LED modules that have problems after the aging test should be repaired and replaced in time. Ensure that all parts shipped to customers are functional.

8. China LED module manufacturer

UNIT is mainly engaged in led modules and displays. We have more than 8,000 square meters of factory and a passionate and responsible team, which can provide you with competitive led display solutions. At the same time, we provide various types of led modules to meet your various needs.

  • Variety of modules

Including indoor led module, outdoor led module, soft flexible led module, front service led module, and GOB led module.

  • High-quality lamp beads and IC driver

High-Quality Nationstar/Kinglight/Hongsen LEDs from the LED lamps factory guarantee modules and screens with high color contrast. In order to ensure the best visual effect of the led display panel, we choose the best driver IC, such as MIB5153, MBI5124, ICN2153, and ICN2038S.

  • Various Pixel Pitch Available

Take the outdoor led module as an example, all pixels available including P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P3.91mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm, and DIP 1R1G1B series such as P10mm, P16mm, P20mm, etc. Various sizes 320*160mm, 160mm*160mm, 192mm*192mm,250mmx250mm and 256mm*128mm are in stock.

  • Aging test

We have well-equipped aging workshops and experienced aging technicians. And strictly implementing the aging process, the control of product quality is very strict. The modules shipped from the factory have reliable performance.

  • Parts service

The full-color LED modules are equipped with data cables and power cables and are guaranteed for two years. Good after-sales service solves your worries.

9. Conclusion

In this article, we introduce to you some information about the P2.5mm led module. This article can be your shopping guide to help you buy satisfactory led modules. Want to get the best price on the led module? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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